Monday, September 27, 2010

New Wolfpack/Whale Logo

When the Hartford Wolfpack turn into the Connecticut Whale later this season this will be the new logo...


...h/t to Mitch Beck at Howlings.

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Kevin H. said...

That logo is going to look great on Wade Redden's chest!

ry-man said...

gay. just bring the hartford whalers back and put the wolfpack back in hartford.

Joey Ratz said...

yea it sucks. definitely would have benefited from a new york rangers blog contest

Kevin DeLury said...

Absolutely Joey.

Mike said...

isn't this only gonna be a half year thing for us since our AHL affiliate next year is the Rochester Americans or am i wrong

KD said...

The name sounds weird too: The Connecticut Whale.

Why not make it plural?

Also, there isn't even an OCEAN anywhere near Hartford.

The only thing in Hartford is Crackpipes.

The Hartford Crackpipes sounds WAY better.

The only thing connecticut is known for is 1)Having to drive through it to get to Boston 2) Having as worse of drivers as NJ.

So if our AHL team is moving to Rochester - cool w/ me.