Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Trade Likely

In his piece in Newsday on tough roster decisions the Rangers will have make this weekend, Steve Zipay says that "With an excess of players with NHL experience, a trade seems likely."

...wonder which players other teams might be interested in? Kennedy? Christensen? Gilroy?

...and if the issue the Rangers have is a glut of third line players, what would they want in return? I guess draft picks.

Zipay also points out that Christensen needs to raise his game.

...EC was a player I had penciled in centering Gaborik this year, but he has been a no-show at camp so far and with Stepan impressing may find himself in the press box or being traded.

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LTP said...

Kevin are you truly being serious about EC centering the 1st. line, lets call a spade a spade the guy is a marginal NHL player & certainly not any teams #1 pivot.

Kevin DeLury said...

I thought he had nice chemistry with Gaborik last season and proved he was a play maker.

But just b/c I had him penciled in as the Rangers #1 center doesn't mean he would be the #1 center somewhere else.

Just shows the lack of real depth at the position. Our only hope is that Stepan is the real deal.

Rob Y said...

If stepan cant handle the work load its gona go back to line jumping like last season. But I definitely see stepan on opening night in the line up since dry is out. But m all for trading most of our third and fourth liners for a draft pick in any round