Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rangers 5, Red Wings 1

The New York Rangers (3-1-0) defeated the Detroit Red Wings (2-3-0) by the score of 5-1, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...well if the decision on the 6th or 7th defensemen was hard before the game it's impossible now as Sauer (1g, +1) and Valentenko (+2) were outstanding tonight. Unless Torts plans on using a rotation with the 5th, 6th and 7th d-men, I think Eminger might still make sense as the 7th because I'd hate to see either Sauer, McD or Valentenko sitting in the press box for long stretches as the #7. other tough decisions, two more assists for Fedotenko (also a +2) tonight, who, if he doesn't make the team, may have a tryout waiting for him with the Red Bulls after that kick assist to Stepan.

...loving the new, old Avery.

...after a shaky first outing nice to see Lundqvist in mid-season form.

...not that I thought he was in danger of not making the team but Stepan just clinched a spot on the opening night roster with that performance.

...i haven't been able to catch all the preseason games so far but Prust has seemed awful quiet.

...20 goals for Del Zotto this season?

...Frolov is looking like the steal of the off-season. What I loved the most was when hustled back to breakup the two-on-one in the third period. other bubble player news, I thought Kennedy had a real active game, while White continues to disappoint.

...oh yeah, Gaborik is still good.

...since all my comments where ridiculously positive, I'll bring everyone back down to earth by reminding you tonight's effort was against Detroit's "B" team. I also thought the defense looked real shaky in the 2nd period. Lots of chasing after Red Wing players. preseason game is Friday night at MSG against the Sens.

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Chris said...

That Stepan, Fedo, Avery line looked really good. Avery and Fedo cause havoc and Stepan just floats around snagging the puck.

Stepan - He deserves to be in the NHL

Kennedy - Looked decent tonight, but still didnt really do anything outstanding. As Ive mentioned... we already have enough undersized hardworking players for the 3rd/4th lines.

White - Hardly saw the ice, and when he did it was with Prust and Boogaard. Kinda hard to stand out. Regardless, there's more deserving players.

Sauer - was not impressed with him previously, but he had a hell of a game. Really made his push for a roster spot.

Valentenko - Also made a push, but I think ultimately he'll probably end up in Hartford, which isnt bad. While I'd love for him to stay in the NHL, he needs to be playing, so sitting in the pressbox would not be ideal.

Christensen - As usual... he made one great play, got over-confident and proceeded to try and be 'cute' the rest of the game and it didnt work. As far as Im concerned he should be cut.

Fedotenko - I would love to hate on him, because I generally dont like him, but he played GREAT tonight and he had been decent previously. He, in my eyes, has earned a spot.

chris said...

the gomez trade is the gift that keeps on giving.

-first they take the 7.5 mil

- then give us mcdonagh

- then valentenko

Gary said...

Kennedy, Boogaard make reserve spots on roster. White, eminger, prust go down.
Valentenko, sauer and feds played themselves onto the opening night 21

Anonymous said...

didn't see the game but Feds seems like a good solid go to guy if need be.

Also, how many preseason games are there? Seems like a lot? This may be why the Rangers blow their load by game 10 of the reg season.

Kevin DeLury said...

They play six preseason games.

Gary said...

Six isn't bad. I think they said either the wings or the sens play eight. I can't even imagine that.

LI Joe said...

have to think fedotenko earned a spot tonight

Elissa said...

If you want negatives from last night, look at Cally and Staal -- where were they?

rusty said...

I agree that Fedotenko has been solid and seems to have earned a spot, especially since Torts really likes him. I don't think we need to worry about Cally or Staal in one exhibition game. Both are proven quantities and we know the kind of effort we will get from them.

Elissa said...

@rusty I agree on Staal and Cally, I just meant last night - Cally was a beast on Saturday and I know they have it in there.
I was responding to Kevin's all positive comments lol

Kevin DeLury said...

Don't dis the positivity.