Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Del Zotto Doesn't Like His Greens (Updated)

Update, 10:21 a.m.:
Brian Compton at also has a feature on Del Zotto.

Original Post:
James Duthie at TSN reports on Gary Roberts training regime being passed down to some of the young stars in the league including Michael Del Zotto.

Here is Roberts talking about Del Zotto struggling with eating healthy...

"Michael was the pickiest," says Roberts with a chuckle. "He'd text me and say, 'Holy Crap what was that green stuff in my sandwich?'. I said, 'Those are sprouts Michael.' One time I got him excited telling him he was getting spaghetti. I didn't tell him it was actually zucchini, shredded like spaghetti."

...hopefully the new diet and workout will lead to better defensive responsibility from Del Zotto this season.

...h/t to reader Andrea for the link.

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