Friday, September 24, 2010

Stepan, McDonagh & Boyle Make Impact

Jim Cerny at reports Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh and Brian Boyle, all on the roster bubble, had impact games last night...

Marian Gaborik had this to say about Stepan, who recorded an assist last night while playing with Gabby and Afro....

“He played very good,” Gaborik said of Stepan. “He was not afraid to make a play, get a hit, or give a hit. I think he was good defensively. For the first game, he played very good.” hearing he wasn't afraid to make a play. That's the problem with some rookies, they're too afraid of making a mistake and don't play their game. Looks like we've got ourselves a keeper.

Cerny writes that he was impressed with McDonagh's ability to recover from a mistake...

"A prime example of this occurred with 7:30 remaining in the third period when McDonagh completely missed a hip check along the boards, springing the New Jersey puck carrier Bradley Mills on right wing. Instead of panicking, McDonagh swiftly reacted, using his long reach to poke the puck off Mills’ stick even though he, himself, was falling to the ice."

...similar to what I just wrote about Stepan it's great to hear about a rookie who doesn't panic in the face of adversity.

And finally John Tortorella had this to say about Boyle, who scored a goal and had numerous big hits last night...

“I think Brian Boyle wants to improve,” Tortorella said. “And I think that he has looked at the people that are here and knows where he’s at. He’s had a very good camp, so far.”

...i thought for sure Boyle was getting a one-way ticket to Hartford this year, but with the way he's playing in camp and his low salary he may find his way onto the opening night roster.

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Dave said...

Boyle has all the tools, needs a nasty streak & some belief.

William said...

very good point Dave. he just needs to sustain a level of confidence. Guy's a f-ing haus stud.

Also, im willing to give rozy a chance this year. he looked very solid last night.. just get Redden out of dodge asap.

William said...

Way too premature Opening Night Forward Lines:

Boogaard-Boyle-Drury, C.

healthy scratches: T.White, T.Kennedy, Prust, (Fedotenko)

Honestly, i'd like to have a player like Fedotenko on our roster if that's possible, but not sure how we fit him, let alone diet M. St Louis, MZA. How many forwards will Torts carry? also, i don't see Boogaard playing in more than 65 games this year. Look for Prust to rotate in for him a lot, Avery to play some fourth line, and for guys like Kennedy to come in and play when either or both are out of the lineup.

Pls let this discussion begin

William said...

pretty jacked up on coffee right now---a big issue this year will be maintaining continuity while trying to assemble the best possible lineup every night...obviously the center position from top to bottom remains most wide open, but itd be nice to shore up some lines by the end of training camp...and, barring a total offesive failure in the first 3 weeks, to not dismantle them

Jason G. said...

any word on the rookie game between the two teams that was played in newark? Sam mentioned it in the game stating thier were a bunch of fights and I wonder if McIlrath did some damage to somebodys face?

Anonymous said...

I'm going with this starting lineup but its based on one game so lsets see

Frolov, Stepan, Gaborik
Dubinsky, Christiansen, Callahan
Prospal, Anisimov, Avery
Boogaard, Kennedy, Prust
Boyle Drury(gets in when healthy)

my thinking is White and Eminger were dealt for the NYR crap list. They are likely going down to Hartford as cap casualties and only way they come up on re-entry is after the deadline if we have space.

On D the top 4 is set with DZ, Rozsival, Staal, Girardi

After that I say Mc D is in. Gilroy, Valatenko , Sauer battle for the 6th spot. Semenov sings for cheap as the 7th D

Exelby and Fedotenko do not make the team but accept 2 way deals for depth. Who else will give them a NHL deal really.

the King and Biron of course in net

Anonymous said...

Funny how I left Redden out eh..........he;s a goner to Hartford for sure

AnnoyingJoe said...

It might be early to say, but I dont see Kennedy starting over boyle

Jack said...

I was at the game. Stepan looked really good as did number 13...kennedy?

AnnoyingJoe said...

Ya, 13 was Kennedy.

LI Joe said...

william drury will not be ready for opening day and no need to rush him or him to rush himself. but once he;s in after a game or 2 he won;t be 4th liner. maybe avery gets slotted there