Thursday, September 16, 2010

Torts on Everything

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog (who is quickly becoming the best Rangers beat writer) has pretty much every quote from John Tortorella during his media session today. Here's some of it...

On Wade Redden: “We’re not going to single out Wade Redden as far as being isolated and say he’s going to Hartford, right now. I know Wade has read all that, and I’m sure it’s weighed on him a little bit. We need to let this play out. I know we’re over the cap, but a lot of different things can happen before the season starts. By no way are we singling Wade Redden out that ‘Oh, there’s cap problems? (Redden’s $6.5 million charge), go down to the minors!’ It could be other people going to Hartford. Wade gets beat up a little bit, and listen, he makes his own bed. Some of the stuff that comes his way is earned, some of it isn’t.”

...even if the Rangers are seriously going to give Redden a chance, I really don't see him stepping up and seizing the opportunity. At least I hope he doesn't.
On whether any positions in this year’s lineup are fixed, other than No. 1 goalie (Lundqvist) and top-scoring right wing (Marian Gaborik): “Frolov will play with Gaborik. I’m going to give him an opportunity there, see if we can get his confidence back, and he will start with Gaborik as we get the exhibition season going, and we’ll see where it goes from there. … I’m anxious to see whether we can get some chemistry between those guys."

...i'm still of the mindset that having Gabby and AFro (pronounced Ah Fro) makes more sense (spread out the offense), but I guess I can't complain about putting a 30-goal scorer on a line with a 40-goal scorer.

On Sean Avery: “When he was sat out against Atlanta, he came out and he had two really good weeks of hockey the way he has to play, and unfortunately he got hurt. So that’s the biggest key for Sean is consistency, and the level of his play. Then, things go from there. He was a very effective player after he was benched. I hope we don’t have to bench him or do anything to allow
that to happen again, but I believe Sean’s ready for camp and ready to go. … Everything about his game, away from the puck, finishing his checks, as he did for two weeks there, he drew penalties - he did a lot of good things there before he was hurt. Every time we talk about Sean, it’s about that trying to get under people’s skin. He’s a pretty good player, and he needs to play and be effective in all facets of his game."

...i'll always maintain that after Lundqvist and Gaborik, Avery is the most important player on the team. If he's not playing his game the Rangers seem like a different team. The only time I've ever seen the Ranger succeed without him was at the end of last season.
On having seen Evgeny Grachev, Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh in Traverse City: “They can push. I spent the whole time out there, I thought the kids played well. Grachev came on as the tournament went on, and Stepan, I thought, was the best player in the tournament - out of the teams I saw, I thought he was the best player. And McDonagh continues to impress. But again, we’re talking the Traverse City rookie camp, and now some big stuff happens, and the exhibition season and all that, and you’ve got to be really careful not to get too excited." hearing that Torts thought Stepan was the best player at Traverse.
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Anonymous said...

I guarantee you this. The next comments from the organization towards Redden will be positive ones. Something like Redden is really playing like his job is on the line. Or Wade is earning his keep. The last thing Sather wants to do is admit wrong. I will not be surprised if this bum is in the starting lineup when the season starts. They might also claim to have no options like Mcdonough too youn or other dmen just did not make the cut.

AnnoyingJoe said...

I hope not. I think those comments were positive but honest. He's saying that whatever situation Redden finds himself in is his, not the organizations', fault.

The fact that he isnt talking to the media only furthers the contention that he has taken no ownership of his situation and still lacks character.

And the idea of Frolov and Gab playing on the same line is exciting.

theking said...

You have to understand Torts is being professional about Redden. Even though we all hate Redden its someones life and that person has to be treated with some sort of integrity. I love how Torts said he makes his own bed. Torts is sending a message to Redden basically saying "Redden, this is your last shot to prove what your being paid". Lets remember Redden used to be an all star caliber player maybe this will wake him up. I highly doubt what I just said and I believe Redden will be sent down but not before the season starts.

theking said...

I also want to comment on Torts saying really nothing great about Grachev. I am telling you guys he is a bust.

ry-man said...

i think thats what the 3rd jerseys look like. not sure if you posted it. the article says its on avery's site. not bad.

Jack said...

Ha! Yeah, I just emailed that picture to Kevin...didn't see you put that link up. Nice.

Kevin DeLury said...

Just posted it guys. Thanks for the headsup.

mike said...

"The only time I've ever seen the Ranger succeed without him was at the end of last season."

And, that is the best hockey they played all last year.

I like Sean, I do. He has some skill and can be a huge thorn in the opponents side, but there's a fine line with him and sometimes I wonder if its worth the headache when he crosses that line.