Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to Figure Out the Proper Balance

Jim Cerny at has this quote from John Tortorella on cutting the roster down this week...

“We have to decide upon the best lineup and where they all fit,” said Tortorella. “We also have to figure out the proper balance in the lineup. We need to get the team ready to play.”

...these last couple of cuts could be the hardest I've seen in a while for the Rangers. Lots of arguments for everyone on the bubble. Should be very interesting. Tonight is a huge game for a lot of these guys.

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wonderin said...

Send down White, Boyle, Sauer and Emminger.

Anonymous said...

the following is what I would Like to see.

Gabby-Stepan-Frolov White while Drury is Hurt
Dubi- AA- Kennedy



LI Joe said...

i think stepan is going down for his development and also due to waiver considerations