Monday, September 20, 2010

Wolfpack to Be Renamed The Whale

Jeff Jacobs at reports that today at 5pm the Whalers Sports & Entertainment will assume control of the Hartford Wolfpack and rename the team the Connecticut Whale...

"Based on internal discussions and significant feedback from both Whalers fans and Wolf Pack fans, we've chosen a name that touches on our past but also signifies this new era in Hartford hockey," one source close to former Hartford Whalers owner Howard Baldwin said. "Fans have always referred to the Hartford Whalers as the 'The Whale,' so it's a very familiar name." be honest there are rumors that the Rangers may be changing AHL affiliates anyway so I don't really care. And even if they don't, changing the name won't help or hurt the Rangers prospects play so again I could care less.

...the one thing I do love about the name "The Whale" is it reminds me of this quote from Bodie in Mall Rats:

“Breakfast, shmreakfast. Look at the score, for Christ's sake. It's only the second period and I'm up 12 to 2. Breakfasts come and go, Rene, but Hartford, ‘the Whale,’ they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.”


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Anonymous said...

The Rangers are changing affiliates?

Kevin DeLury said...

Yep. Check it out here:

Anonymous said...

There are rumors every single summer of the Rangers moving out of Hartford. This summer alone there were articles from more reputable sources than the one you cited suggesting the Wolf Pack were headed to Syracuse or Albany THIS season. A possible return to Binghamton is also frequently mentioned.

So while it's entirely possible they'll move next summer (and if this ridiculous mid-season name change goes through, I hope they do) I'm not sure you want to be reporting a move as fact when even the source merely says "it's likely" -- especially since the source you're citing is from last May.

If Baldwin, AEG and the Rangers are in fact going to announce a new operating agreement this afternoon, the landscape has certainly changed since last spring. And it seems highly unlikely Baldwin would go through this whole mid-season spectacle if he didn't have some assurances there would still be an AHL franchise in Hartford next season.

Kevin DeLury said...

That's bad job by me stating they are moving when yes it has only been rumored.

Changed my comments to reflect. Thanks.

LI Joe said...

always liked the song the brass bonanza i think its the unofficial espn hockey song