Friday, September 24, 2010

Stepan Wants to Work on Faceoffs

In Dave Lozo's feature on Derek Stepan over at, the rookie had this to say about what he needs to improve on if he wants to be an NHL center...

"Faceoff circle. I have to get better at that," said Stepan, who was 5-of-10 on draws Thursday. "I think it's just the first-game jitters. It's something I have to work on."

...someone bring in the retired Rod Brind'Amour to teach this kid a thing or two.

...with his preseason performance and Drury's injury I just can't see a scenario where he isn't in the opening night lineup. that doesn't mean he'll stick, especially of he struggles. But you have to love the chemistry between him Gabby and AFro.

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Elissa said...

We keep talking about needing a top line center, this kid has something. He's talked about watching Gaby and learning how to set him up and they've only been on this line for a week.
Fedo didn't impress me at all last night and Kennedy was eh, but the entire crowd went crazy for Step.

Andrea said...

You didn't ask—and I love everything you do here, Kevin—but "AFro" as a nickname reminds me of Anson Carter. What else ya got?

Jack said...

I was at the game...Kennedy looked pretty good I thought.

Fedotenko looked a bit like a big oaf...but it's only one game (that can be said after every statement).

Stepan was very interesting to watch, exciting even! Dude can pass, it's true.

I hate to say it but MZA looked rushed and a little unsure. A few times he coughed up the p uck via errant passes and bad dumps (lol). He also got rocked by a few good hits. Maybe he just needs more time to adjust (re: play every preseason game).


Gaborik: Awesome.

Frolov made a few decent plays but was mostly unnoticeable.

Rick said...

WOW: Stepan a little pissed at being 50% on faceoffs for his 1st rodeo? Got to like that!