Saturday, September 25, 2010

Math Working Against Redden

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says that math would seem to mitigate against Wade Redden opening the season with the Rangers in Buffalo on Oct. 9 even if he outplays the other contenders for the jobs on the third pair...

"Adding Redden's $6.5 million hit to the roster would leave the Blueshirts with just over $4 million to fill up to six more (or temporarily, seven) spots. Factor in $1.75 million for Matt Gilroy, and the Rangers would have $2.25 million for three or four more forwards and perhaps a seventh defenseman."

...i knew I loved math.

...Brooks pretty much lays it out on the line here for Redden. I just can't see him on the roster.

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1 comment:

KCinMN said...

Redden put on waivers at noon!