Monday, September 27, 2010

Banner Contest Entry #20

Banner contest entry #20 comes from Scott. Just one more banner left.

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Joey Ratz said...

I like it...i do. The blog just looks to bright/sparse without a solid background to fill some of that big white void

would look good with white letters set into a blue background

Mattias said...

clean! yet little too white/empty

Mattias said...

also should have turned dithering off on your gif compression ;)

koz said...

Best so far.

KD said...

a little too bland - needs more red/blue colors.

Also, some fans (for some reason unknown) really hate the liberty logo.

I'm cool w/ it.

This is not my fav.

Adrian said...

Its good... I just dont like it as much as #4 I believe. Whichever one had the rangers wordmark and looked like it said "The Blog"