Thursday, September 30, 2010

MZA Gets Goal, Assist in Wolf Pack Preseason Win

Bruce Berlet and Bob Crawford at report that Mats Zuccarello Aasen scored a goal and an assist in a three-goal third period that lifted the Wolf Pack to an opening 3-0 victory over the Albany Devils in their preseason opener.

Zuccarello says his adjustment to the smaller rinks...

“is coming more and more every game, every practice so hopefully it’ll be feeling pretty normal when the season starts.

“The hardest part is in the corners where it’s tighter as you try to make any moves," he said. "First game here, new coach, so I thought it went OK. As the game kept going, I found my game more and more. Good start to build on.”

...i've seen plenty of smaller players dominate in the AHL and can't make the transition to the NHL. Let's hope that's not the case with MZA. Nice start for him.

Wade Redden did not play.

Speaking of Hartford, apparently the logo for the Connecticut Whale I posted the other day was a fake and this is the real one...

...i like the fake one better.

...h/t to Mitch Beck at the Howlings.

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Kevin H. said...

I like the logo's typeface, but the angry whale looks dumb. Plus, why does every team that has an animal as its mascot insist on throwing a hockey stick in its hand (or fin)?? We know it's a hockey team.

Kevin H. said...

Though the logo is still going to look GREAT on Wade Redden.

KD said...

whales aren't angry, they're sad and depressed.

That's why they beach themselves, much like Wade Redden is going to do.

LI Joe said...


i think redden will behave and just quietly go about his business in hartford

gotta love those who take a shot at someone when they're down