Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rangers 5, Devils 4 (OT)

The New York Rangers (2-0-0) defeated the New Jersey Devils (0-0-3) by the score of 5-4 in OT, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...if this is what preseason games are going to be like, I cannot wait for the regular season.

...Del Zotto is looking more and more Leetch-like on offense every day. On defense? That's a different story. But man that OT goal looked a lot like Leetch's in Game 7.

...4/5 on the power play with that lineup? I'm impressed.

...Gilroy and Anisimov are looking more and more like they'll have breakout seasons.

...Fedotenko is making tough decisions even harder for Torts and company.

...Lundy looked a little off tonight. Assuming nothing to be concerned about.

...i thought Grachev was supposed to be in the lineup tonight. He was?

...great to have the old Avery back. Hopefully he sticks around for the entire season.

...if I didn't think the Ranger brought my boy Voros back after seeing Byers skating around in the #34, I was convinced after watching Byers take a Voros-like beating.

...biggest thing for me tonight was the heart the team showed coming back from two 2-goal deficits to win.

...right back at it in Motown tomorrow.

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Rob Y said...

fedentenko should make this squad with a couple more games like tonight, i also thought kennedy had a very strong game. grachev? where was he? d needs to step up there game a little alot of running around but i did like the physical play. all in all nice come from behind win especially in pre season

Andrew_794 said...

i say keep fedentenko as well, although im not sure the final cap hit? if he wants to take a million for a year, i say go for it. he could be the prospal steal for this year

p.s. i think torts "lost" grachev after his first shift or two. i didnt see him play after that, i still woulda given him at least one more shift.. oh well

AnnoyingJoe said...

Grachev - Soft.

Fedo -Will make team

MDZ - Too 1-dimensional. Still love him. Hope he doesn't start believing his own press.

Kennedy - Worth a look

White - Too old to be that small and make the team.

MZA - might have been playing but I couldn't see the little fella.

Avery - Old self. Brilliant

Boogaard - Too slow. You can't just drift around waiting for someone to fight you. All of the little sharks stay away from the big sharks for a reason. Not quick enough to be a factor otherwise. A true physical deterrent can get to your superstar to undermind the superstar's game. Boogie? The Crosbys and Ovechkins of the world will just three-stride right by this guy.

Elissa said...

Grachev did not impress -- I was sitting there screaming "Grachev, show us you don't want to be in Hartford" pretty much the whole game.
He was out there, just not doing anything useful.
Personally, I'd send Byers and Weise back down too, but idk.

I LOVED Cally with AA, I hope that stays.

Dan W said...

DZs overtime goal was leetchs first goal in game 7 1994. Looks just like it.