Monday, September 27, 2010

Finding a Center for Gabby & AFro "a Process" (Updated)

Update, 9:27 a.m.:
Leslie Treff at the Hockey Future's New York Rangers Blog has more on the Rangers need for a first time center.

Original Post:
Jesse Spector at the Daily News has this quote from Marian Gaborik on finding him and teammate Alex Frolov a center...

"It's a process," Gaborik said. "I think that's what happens during the preseason. I played with Erik last year - he's very talented, good with the puck, and he had a good game. Step was there earlier, and he keeps having a good camp. These exhibition games are to make sure everyone clicks together and gets into game shape."

...i would still love to see Stepan between these two to start the season, but if the chemistry is better with Christensen to start the season I think that's the way Torts has to go. These next two preseason games will determine a lot.

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