Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ranger Fans Second Craziest in NHL

John Grigg at The Hockey News counts down the top 10 craziest NHL fans...

2. Madison Square Garden Few barns in the world can boast fans as boisterous as those found on Broadway. They’ve mobbed opposition busses, kept ambulances with injured players from leaving and thrown batteries from the stands at their most hated players. It’s not a nice place to play.

Flyer fans were named #1.

...Flyer fans are bat@hit crazy, so I don't mind that we're ranked below them. be honest, I think the crowds at MSG have mellowed out through the years. With ticket prices sky rocketing the hard core Ranger fans have been priced out opening the door for corporations to purchase tickets to give to clients.

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Jack said...

Yeah, the Garden isn't what it used to be...(for better or worse).

In the ’90s I remember Islander fans getting pummeled with beers and and random crap when they'd wave their jersey. From above your head you'd just see flying debris aimed somewhat randomly at an opposing team's fan. Insane stuff.

If you go to enough games you'll see fist-fights and blood (mostly post game near the exit stairs).

Also, the Garden recently started pre-game announcements about refraining from abusive language, etc. LAME (I think because Homo Larry got a mention in a homophobic-centric article in the Times).

kc said...

Wow, has this guy been to a game this century?
Other than the moronic Potvin sucks chant, what happens at a Ranger game that doesn't heppen anywhere else?

KD said...

I agree-ticket prices are out of control.

I love hockey more than any other sport but at $70 a ticket plus $10 beers, I can only afford to go to like 2 games a year.

meanwhile, corporate douchebags who only have seen hockey from the Mighty Ducks movies buy tix to impress people and don't even go.

Scotty Hockey said...

Actually had this conversation at the Garden last night. I remember when the blue seats were actually a scary place to be. Now the first sign that people start arguing security shows up and tries to escort someone out. It's boring, it's lame and it is exactly what Dolan wants. The Garden brass want the building as white-washed and corporate as possible. True fans are already hooked - their money is already accounted for - but to hook companies and tourists it has to be a "nice" place ... sucks.

Kevin DeLury said...

You hit the nail on the head Scotty.

Anonymous said...

Who's stopping us from being as Bat@hit crazy as the flyers fans? I personally don't want to come second to Philadelphia in anything, I'm a New Yorker. And i'm personally going to go nuts for the Rangers this year at the garden and at the road games.