Monday, September 27, 2010

MZA, Grachev Among 5 Sent to Hartford (Updated)

Update, 12:21 p.m.:
I missed this earlier. Forwards Dane Byers, Kris Newbury & Jeremy Williams will continue training camp with Hartford but must clear waivers first.

Update, 12:19 p.m.:
Here's the official announcement of moves.

Update, 12:16 p.m.:
Andrew Gross tweets that there are now 27 players left in camp meaning there will be at least four more cuts.

Fedotenko is the only tryout player left.

Update, 12:12 p.m.:

@thenyrangers also tweets defensemen Alexei Semenov, Garnet Exelby, & Brandon Manning have been released from tryout agreements.

...i thought for sure Semenov was getting that 7th spot. Looks like Gilroy, McDonagh, Valentenko, Sauer, Eminger fighting for final three spots. Assuming Rangers carry 7 defensemen.

Original Post:
@thenyrangers tweets...

5 players assigned to Hartford: Chad Johnson, Wade Redden, Evgeny Grachev, Dale Weise & Mats Zuccarelloless than a minute ago via TweetDeck I really didn't think those two would be sent down yet when I posted it earlier today.

...having said that, neither earned a spot with their performance this preseason. Assuming we'll see both at some point during the season. Hopefully, neither sulks and they do the right thing and work on their deficiencies.

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Chris said...

Im perfectly okay with those cuts.

IMO the last 3 D-men should be:
Gilroy, McDonagh, Valentenko.

Yes, we'll see plenty of rookie mistakes, but McD and Tank seem to be the exact type of Dmen we've been sorely missing for a long time.

... and Gilroy will have a stronger season with the experience he got last year.

Kevin DeLury said...

I think it will depend on if Torts wants a veteran as a 7th dman then it's Eminger. Although his cap hit is over $1 million so money-wise Tank makes more sense.

Don't think Sauer gets it.

Chris said...

I was thinking that Rozi could be the veteran 7th d-man. haha

For the forwards... its much more of a toss-up. Contracts aside... Christensen, Prust, Boyle, hell... even Dubi (and I love Dubi) I dont think have been strong enough to guarantee themselves a spot.

I dont like Kennedy, or Fedotenko... so I would rather they both be cut, though I'll have to accept that at least 1 of them is likely to make the team.

Todd White, I was not liking at first, but he seems to be getting better with each minute of each game. He might still have something to offer.

Sauer... he has not played like someone with solid pro experience (even if only at AHL level) and certainly hasnt outplayed any of the other Dman. I dont see him getting the spot, at all.

russ said...

Sauer has been pretty solid. I really would like McD and Velentenko to make the team to rub it in the face of Habs fans.

Jack said...

Damn, I pretty much guaranteed MZA was going to make the starting lineup. Oh well!

Here's to him kicking arse in Hartford! Cheers.

Jack said...

Wait, why isn't "REDDEN TO HARTFORD" the headline? Christ it's about time.

Kevin DeLury said...

Jack, figured that was obvious. MZA to HArtford bigger news today.

chef dave said...

I was pretty high on Grachev this year, but now I'm afraid he might be another Korpikoski or Sjostrom. I know he's young, but it just seems like most players really just have "it" or don't by this point (like Stepan or MDZ.) I know he was great in juniors, but so was Nigel Dawes (3 seasons with 47, 47, & 50 goals).

rusty said...

I didn't think Grachev showed that he was ready and it looks like MZA needs some time to adjust to the smaller ice and the NHL game. A little surprised at Semenov but the coaches must have figured his size and experience couldn't overcome his lack of quickness. Exelby was a no brainer.

John P. said...

You have to imagine that Stepan makes this team.

I think he centers the top line with Gabby and Frolov.

Iwould be shocked if line three wasn't Duby and cally centered by Drury. thats a perfect grinding defensive line.

Line two will be Prospal and Anisimov centered by Christensen and line four will be Boogaard and Prust centered by Avery (this is simply the only spot on the team for him)

White and Boyle will be healthy scratches that will play more than expected depending on the line up of the opposing team.

Kennedy is good but the numbers are against him, same deal for Fedetenko. They both dont make the cut.

As far as d goes, Staal and Girardi and the first Rozi and Del Zotto as the second and McDonaugh with Emminger and the third. Gilroy will be the healthy scratch.

Valentenko has a ton of potential, but is very rough around the edges and another year in the farm will be positive for him and as far as Sauer goes, he is another prospect that has potential, but can't put it all together on the ice. I see him being sent down.

ivaNYRicov said...

I dont understand how people think avery will play center. Based on what exactly? With all due respect, I think you're completely off. No chance in hell. Anisimov on wing? What? Do you guys watch games or just look at stats? I would like to strongly disagree with your line proposals.

mark said...

Too bad Avery wasn't cut. His act has been well played out.

Mr. Hankee said...

Zuccarrelo got sent down? BAHAHAHAHAHA. Talking to some Rangers fans, you'd think the kid was the next Great One.

LI Joe said...

i don't think you talked to too many ranger fans if those you talked to thought zucarello (mza) was a huge difference maker)

by the way sauer has to pass through waivers so maybe they try to trade him for mid level draft pick