Monday, September 20, 2010

Anyone Still Want Savard?

One player I've heard numerous Ranger fans want the Blueshirts to trade for is Marc Savard.

As if his contract wasn't bad enough (7 more years at $4 million per) according to Fluto Shinzawa at the Boston Globe he is now suffering from post concussion syndrome.

...i have been against the Rangers acquiring Savard all offseason and after reading this report I'm glad the Blueshirts were also.

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rusty said...

I read that report over the weekend and I agree with you, Kevin. My first though was 'thank goodness Sather didn't make that deal. In previous discussions I think we both were on the side of the risk and cap burden didn't justify the possible reward.

Rick said...

Contract was bad enough-a mirror image of a Slat contract. Glad to see Slats had more sense because concussions will end a career faster than Reddens play.

kc said...

Who ever said the Rangers pursued Savard, only guy that ever mentioned Savy was the moron Zipay, who shouldn't even be allowed to post on message boards, let alone write a column.