Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sather's Not Good at Signing Free Agents

Arthur Staple at Newsday reports on Glen Sather's less than stellar record of signing UFAs to long term deals...

Since 2005, Sather has signed 18 unrestricted free agents to contracts of at least two years. With Redden gone, only five still are here...

"The others either were not good enough for long enough, or never were helpful. From Donald Brashear in 2009 to Matt Cullen in 2006 to Marek Malik in 2005, Sather's strategy to add high-priced talent from outside the organization has not panned out well enough. About the only signing of significant length that went well was Michael Nylander (three years, $8.9 million) in 2004, though that turned into a two-year deal because of the lockout." Sather's credit he's somehow been able to get rid of a number of those bad contracts (Gomez, Kotalik, Brashear), but man he has done just an awful job of signing free agents (sans Gaborik & Prospal).

...however, like I said his trades have been unreal (don't forget he also traded Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr) and recently the team's drafting has been much better. So it's not all terrible with Sather.

...having said that, two playoff round wins in nine years is unacceptable and it baffles me on a daily basis that he is still GM and seems like he will be for life. Unless he decides to step down.

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