Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Informal Practice Notes

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants, as always, does an outstanding job reviewing today's informal practice.

"On the ice, Brandon Dubinsky lofted a backhander past Marty Biron while Ryan Callahan roofed one past Henrik Lundqvist after a rush that saw both Sean Avery and Callahan hit the post."

...nice to see the goalies look like swiss cheese early. Kidding of course.

Off the ice, Gross notes that
Tortorella has said if Staal is not signed, he doesn’t believe he should be in training camp because the coach doesn’t want any distractions.

...seems a bit harsh, but probably makes sense.

Gross also has quotes from Derek Boogaard, who apparently you need to see in person to appreciate how big he looks on skates...

“It’s good coming in a bit early, getting used to the atmosphere and getting the lay of the land,” Boogaard added. “Obviously, I want to work hard every night and when you do that, good things will happen.”

...despite my criticisms of the Boogaard contract I am pretty excited to have his toughness on the team.

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