Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dubinsky Knows What Staal is Going Through

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog spoke with Brandon Dubinsky, who held out for eight days last year, about Marc Staal's contract situation...

"I know, when I was going through it, I wanted to be in with the guys," Dubinsky said. "We've still got a couple of weeks, and hopefully something gets done. I think all of us in here know the type of guy Marc Staal is, and the type of teammate he is, and we know that he wants to be in here with us. Time just needs to play its course, and eventually, he'll be in here helping us win some games here."

...this is such a tough situation for everyone involved: Staal, the Rangers, teammates and fans. Let's just hope an amicable solution can come to fruition soon.

Spector also spoke with Derek Boogaard.

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