Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rangers to Invite Fedotenko to Camp? (Updated)

Updated, 10:06 p.m.:
Larry Brooks tweets that the Rangers have offered a tryout, however, Fedetonko has yet to accept.

...would love to see the beat writers get a quote from Slats on why they are interested in Fedotenko.

Updated, 5:16 p.m.:
Steve Zipay tweets that this could just be Fedotenko's agent leaking false information to drum up interest in his client.

...that makes more sense.

Original Post:
NHL writer Andy Strickland reports that the Rangers may be interested in UFA Ruslan Fedotenko...

"The NY Rangers have shown some interest in Ruslan Fedotenko and could invite the veteran player to camp on a tryout."

Fedetenko had 11g and 19a in 80 games with the Penguins last season.

...another forward? Sure why not. Let's just invite everyone to tryout. In all seriousness, I guess it doesn't hurt to give someone a tryout. Similar to what the Rangers did a few years ago with Nedved.

...while Strickland is a respected writer, I'd take this rumor with a grain of salt as it is posted at his blog at Hockeybuzz. And we all know how reliable that website is.

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AnnoyingJoe said...

yeah, a grain of salt and a side of no thank you

icycup said...


chris said...

wasnt fedotenko one of the questions in that epic torts and brooks exchange...." john did you plan to dress him and sit him" no thats what happens when you dont play well"

Pass on this guy hes only going to take up a spot for a younger player.