Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your Daily Non-News News on Staal

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog says reports are once again circulating that Marc Staal is "close" to a deal and is told by a source...

"Deadlines (like the start of camp) bring clarity and closure to contract negotiations."

...i thought I said I wasn't going to post this non-news news anymore.

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KCinMN said...

Anaheim signed the Ryan kid. Staal should quickly follow. Don't like Sather's tendency to play hardball with home grown talent. But nervous about reports that Staal wants shorter length contract in order to hit UFA market sooner. Hmmmmm, sounds to me like Staal has checked out.

ry-man said...

staal will be signed by friday prolly tomorrow.

KC i dont think staal has checked out i think that he just wants what ryan wanted, which was not to be stuck somewhere without the core he was brought up with. ryan wasnt sure how long the other core players were going to be around and that was a deciding factor in signing the years he got. i hope staal stays for at least 4 or 5 years. it would make sense. once he is a pure legit top 2 d-man he wants to make sure that the core or at least what the new core will be, is going to give this team a chance to compete. staal is like any other player in the nhl, he wants to make sure he will be with a consistently winning squad at some point. i think sather should give him a good compromise and proof of the direction of the franchise so that when he is a UFA at some point, he will stay.