Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rangers Goalie Preview

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants contiues his season preview by looking at the goaltenders. Heres what he says about Henrik Lundqvist...

Henrik Lundqvist: OK, so what can we say about Lundqvist that we haven’t said. He’s the team’s backbone and often keeps them in games they, quite frankly, have no business being in. That said, Lundqvist’s workload needs to be reduced. Even he admits that now. He played a career high 73 games in 2009-10, going 35-27-10 with a 2.38 GAA and was named the team’s MVP for the fourth straight year. It was also his fourth straight season playing at least 70 games. Lundqvist is in the prime of his career, with four seasons left on his contract, worth $6.875 million annually. He’s shown he can win a championship, as he did in the 2006 Olympics. The Rangers need to provide him with a team capable of making a deep playoff run.

...not sure why Gross even previewed the other goaltenders in camp as this team will only go as far as Lundqvist will take them. Sure Biron is a huge addition, but if the Rangers expect Biron to be the difference between last year and this one they're in trouble.

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HeaveHo94 said...

no ones better than the king...and no one is cooler off the ice