Monday, September 13, 2010

Nose Job for Del Zotto? (Update)

Update, 12:00 p.m.:
Gross updates this item by tweeting that the procedure was to correct cartilage. He initially hurt his nose against a dasher in January.

Original Post:
Andrew Gross tweets...

#NYRangers D Michael Del Zotto had a procedure done on his nose, hence the visor. Also, D Mike Sauer has joined the informal skates.less than a minute ago via web

...Del Zotto better not be going all Hollywood on us.

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Dan W said...

Man, he better have just had some nasal work done. Hockey players dont need a nose job!

Pete J said...

Yeah, at the fashion event I was bsing with him outside and he mentioned he just had a nose job.

Rob Y said...

You need guys like this on the team, avery lundqvist and del zotto guys who are the face of our team attending social events letting people who dont know about hockey that there is another team that plays at the garden besides the knicks