Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kreider Tops List of Rangers Prospects

Leslie Treff at Hockey's Future takes a look at the Rangers top prospects and has Chris Kreider at the top of the list...

1. (4) Chris Kreider, LW, 19
Drafted 1st Round, 19th overall, 2009

Kreider is now the Rangers' top prospect. A prototypical power forward, with excellent speed and a very high hockey IQ, Kreider's game improved by leaps and bounds last season. Now a sophomore at Boston College, since last fall, Kreider has gone from playing in the prep school ranks to being a member of the 2010 World Junior Championships Gold Medal winning team and the 2010 NCAA Championship hockey team. He was also the youngest member of the US team at the 2010 men's World Championships.

Expected to spend one last season with the Boston College Eagles before signing a professional contract, Kreider could compete for a spot on the Rangers roster next fall.

...i absolutely cannot wait until this kid is in camp next year. While I've been hyping Stepan big time lately, I am even more excited about this kid.

...met him at the draft party and he is huge.

Treff's Top 10 Rangers Prospects are...

1. (4) Chris Kreider, LW, 8.5C
2. (1) Evgeny Grachev, C/LW, 8.0 B
3. (2) Derek Stepan, C, 8.0B
4. (NR) Mats Zuccarello-Aasen, LW, 7.0B
5. (8) Ryan McDonagh, D, 7.0B
6. (NR) Dylan McIlrath, D, 7.0C
7. (11) Ethan Werek, C, 7.0C
8. (9) Chad Johnson, G, 7.0C
9. (14) Carl Hagelin, LW, 6.5 B
10. (NR) Christian Thomas, RW, 7.0C is MZA a prospect? I thought he was a free agent signing? to love this list though.

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Evan S said...

MZA is under 26 and a rookie, therefore a prospect. I am excited about Kreider. I was very interested in him when they drafted him and I think he is going to be something good. He improved a lot at BC and became one of their most important players. Once again proving that Jess Rubinstein is not a competent blogger, who hated the pick from day 1.

Frank said...

Truthfully, other than Kreider and Stepan, the Rangers don't really have good prospects. They would do well to undergo a rebuild and get great prospects, like the Coyotes and Islanders have.