Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holy Eight Divisions!!!!

TheNYRBlog Fantasy Hockey League was so popular that I had to create eight divisions!!!!

Holy cow you guys like fantasy hockey.

In an effort to generate more excitement for the league, beyond the ridiculous grand prize, I'm now in the process of getting prizes for the eight division winners.

The eight division winners will then square off in a two-week rotisserie finale.

The division names are as follows: Messier, Leetch, Gilbert, Giacomin, Richter, Bathgate, Graves and Howell.

I will post links to all the divisions once the teams are drafted so all the readers who are not participating can follow along.

Good luck to everyone.

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Rob Y said...

Auto draft tonight or did you change it?

Kevin DeLury said...

I hope to get it done tonight.

Rob Y said...

Sounds good