Monday, September 13, 2010

So Who's Playing Center?

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants previews the Rangers centers...

"Still, with the abundance of bodies, there’s also the possibility the Rangers may look to trade for an established center, if not before the season begins, then well before the trade deadline. How the Rangers’ cast of centers performs in the next couple of weeks will go a long way toward determining whether that’s the case."

For a preview of each player click the above link.

...Sather did a great job filling in numerous needs this off-season, but one he neglected was finding a real #1 center to play with Gaborik. I'm not saying Christensen or Prospal couldn't end up filling that role, but c'mon would either of them be a #1 center on any other team?

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Alex said...

The problem with trading for a legit #1 C is that it'll probably cost the organisation one of Anisimov or Stepan in return (obviously, plus other pieces). Now, we're not contending now nor - honestly - next season, so why give up those assets?

Brad Richards won't be resigning in Dallas and it's well know that he and Torts still talk often. Wait for his contract to expire after this season, clear some space (it can be done) and go get him for just the $. Save the assets, solve the problem.

Go Rangers said...

Not sure how Sather filled many needs this off-season. He got a goon. Tried to do that last year with Brashear and failed. Got a back up goalie which we needed. Biron had an awful year last year. Do we really believe that after 60 games this year we will be in a comfortable posistion? No. Lundqvist will play 16 to 18 of the last 20 games and we either make the playoffs or not. This myth that Biron will be playing 25 games will be very surprising if it happens.
Frolov fell into our laps.
Todd White is an experiment.
He is playing games with Staal just like he did with Dubinsky.
At this point out of our top six forwards maybe two or three are top six elsewhere.
On D I really hope McDonough comes in and earns the spot. Time for Sather to rid us of Redden. A year older and more money in his pocket will not turn him into a player he once was when he played with Chara. He needed to go out and get big on D and he did not.
I am counting on Frolov to really step up his game. Also its time for Dubi and Cali to step up on a consistent basis!

Kevin DeLury said...

Go Rangers, you proved my argument by naming three important needs filled this offseason in your comment.

Alex, Sather didn't necessarily need to make a trade if he was going to send Redden to Hartford.

Go Rangers said...

Kevin, what argument? Didn't know there was an argument? You are just being optimistic that all his moves turn out right. I am being a realist that have seen this before. Over the years this organization has said one thing and did another. Do you really think that we will be in a position where Biron will play 25 games like advertised? Do you think they will use Boogard to his potential? He plays 5 minutes a game and gets in 2 fights. That is his role and must be defined. We can not have Prust fighting our battles this year like he did when playing with Shelley.

We needed a top center. Did not get one.

We needed a big banging defenseman. Did not get one.

PS love your site. Would have trouble getting through the day without it!

Kevin DeLury said...

Go Rangers, sorry I didn't mean argument like we're having one I meant proving my point.

While, sure Sather's moves may not pan out he did address numerous issues.

Kevin DeLury said...

Also thanks for your readership.

Go Rangers said...

Kidding about the "argument".
Love talking Rangers! Hopefully they do what they set out to do. Will keep on visiting. Continue the good work of keeping all us diehards up to speed.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but PLEASE Stop giving Sather credit for anything

he didnt fill ANY needs.

didnt get a legit center, didnt get a shut down defensemen, didnt even sigh the number 1 defenseman we already have!!!

he picked up other teams scraps, todd white, re-signed christensen, eminger, kennedy, biron and took a chance with an overpaid goon.

thats it.

chef dave said...

Christensen, Byers, Weise, Byers, Kennedy, Gilroy, Eminger, Valentenko, Sauer, etc. Let's not get too attached to these guys because alot of them are here to be traded.

LI Joe said...

agree with alex on the high cost of trading for a number 1 center. wait until next off season to see who is available and don't mortgage the future

Rick said...

Agree with the need for a #1 center and the need to wait for FA to find one. Maybe buy out both Rozi and Dru after this year is done. That will free up around 6M+ in cap space, which can be better utilized elsewhere.

LI Joe said...

rick buying out both hurts the cap in the 2nd yr when they would be entirely off the books but their combined cap hit in yr 2 has to be about 7 mm with a buyout. yr 2 meaning the 2012-2013 season when they would have had zero cap hit if they just let the contracts expire next yr