Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Running Around

Sorry guys, I've been running around all morning and will be for the rest of the night.

So I've missed posting on..

- Zach Parise's brother getting a tryout
- Marc Staal possibly being signed tomorrow
- Fedotenko being optimistic about making the Rangers
- Glen Sather looking to the future
- Ranger prospects getting ready to take on Wild prospects at 3:30pm today
- Left wing preview

I should be back later tonight.


ry-man said...

kevin you post at such convenient times for me. i get home from work and school, BAM a post. thanks.

anywhos does anyone remember the guy from last year's training camp who had the kick ass moustache? a guy at work and i were trying to remember.

bklyn rich said...

Matt Maccarone..Pretty Big Dude Too
I Remember Pulling For Him To Make It.

bklyn rich said...

Matt Maccarone..Big Dude Too I Remember Pulling For Him To Make It.

ry-man said...

thanks rich! cool fact the other day on the ny rangers preseason special, only 4 rangers have ever played on the 3 ny teams. i obviously know biron and lafontaine and i know mike donnelly is another one but whos the 3rd?