Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now I'm Really Pumped for the Season (Updated)

Update, 10:27 a.m.:
@thenyrangers tweets that Gaborik scored on his first line rush, off a Prospal feed.

...i still like Christensen centering Gaborik, but if these two can work some magic together I'm all for it.

Original Post:
Steve Zipay tweets...

Marian Gaborik skating with NYR for 1st time this seasonless than a minute ago via web

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Anonymous said...

oh but kevin, according to the readers of your blog christensen and prospal arent even good enough to make the team even though they were the entire reason for the scoring and both had one of the highest point totals on the rangers. that couldnt happen.

RJ said...

I like Christensen playing for another team. I don't see what some people see in him. He's horrible.

-DO said...

I'd like to see Prospal with Gaborik. I don't think Christensen is bad, but I think Prospal still has skills and better offensive vision as a playmaker.

Off topic, I need two more in my H2H yahoo league.
League ID: 21086
Pass: AHL2010

Anonymous said...

apparently you missed a lot of games RJ considering christensen was one of their best players since he's been on the team.. try watching some highlights and then comment on how bad he is. he's an awesome player.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Going so far as to call Christensen "horrible" is a bit much.

LI Joe said...

agree with my name sake