Friday, September 10, 2010

Banner Contest Entry #11

The 11th banner contest entry comes from long and I mean long time reader Jack.

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Anonymous said...

not terrible...pretty basic and choppy looking. Not the worst. Not the best.

Another Anonymous said...

Best one for this blog, IMO. 9 and 7 were good also, but 9 was too schizophrenic as is, with the no lack of transition between the two sides, and 7 was a little business card-ish. Here, while the lettering isn't in the slightly darker than normal Ranger red, it DOES match the red used on the blog's website. Not sure why the logo is skewed/is at a perspective view, but other than that, clean, simple, and works for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. Love the reflection. The best design so far.

Jack said...

The Ranger red and blue used in the graphic matches the color code for the blog — so it's possible it could be off the "official" colorway.

The logo is skewed just to add some depth — perhaps it's too distracting? If this banner is chosen perhaps I'll be allowed to tweak it.

The military stencil font I picked because during the 1994 Rangers cup season their ticket campaign was "Enlist Now" with print ads all around the city — exciting times!

The gritty tag line font closely resembles the font used on recent tickets for random slogans like "I am a Ranger!", etc.

While putting this together I felt like for this blog less is more.

Anonymous said...

BEST BANNER SO FAR!!! Looks awesome, this should be the blog's official banner!

KD said...

it's funny that each new entry, commenters say, "best one so far!"

Guaranteed the next entry will have the same comments.

If the military stencil was a little cleaner I wouldn't mind if this was the new banner.