Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Division Added to TheNYRBlog Fantasy Hockey League

Because of the amount of readers who wanted to get on the waiting list for TheNYRBlog Fantasy Hockey League I decided to add another 10-team division named the Bathgate Division.

We now have a total of six divisions and 60 teams in the league and still have some readers on the waiting list. Man you guys and gals like fantasy hockey.

And if you don't know here's what everyone is playing for.

If you're still interested in getting on the waiting list, send me an e-mail to If I get a large response again I may create a seventh division.


Brett C. said...

For such an awesome prize it sucks that the winner will basically be winning the random draft lottery...
Oh well.

Kevin DeLury said...

I hear you Brett, but there are just too many teams and I don't think it's right that some division would be able to do a live draft while others might not be able to. I keeps it uniform.

This is the first year, so we can make adjustments on what worked and what didn't next year.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Brett - I agree a live draft would be fun, but the draft is only a small part. You have to stay of top of your team, watch for injuries, sit people at the right time, pay attention to who's playing who, make good roster me, your teams going to look alot different from the beginning of the year to the end.

The team that can do all that is going to win, its not as random a you think.