Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Headlines

Daily News - Brandon Dubinsky nets two goals, Henrik Lundqvist notches 2nd shutout in 3-0 Rangers win over Devils

New York Post - Rangers push Devs further into abyss

New York Post - Rangers' Dubinsky continues to cash in

Bergen Record - Devils fail to break stone wall Lundqvist

Bergen Record - Rangers' Alex Frolov needs a spark

Bergen Record - Rangers notes: Henrik Lundqvist gets call again

Newsday - Rangers, Lundqvist shut out Devils 3-0

New York Times - Rangers Keep Devils Winless at Home

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Section 315 said...

Question of the Day... How many games will it take Gaborik to regain the team lead in Goals? over/under 25?

Jack said...

HAHA. I think Dubinsky is in a three way tie for goals right now with 10.

Rick said...

Considering that Gaborik has a tough road ahead of him in regards to recovery, it might not happen this year. There are not only range of motion issues that are associated with a seperated shoulder but the aspect of regaining the strength before the injury is also a process.