Friday, November 12, 2010

All Star Game: Play Ground Style

I've been negligent in posting about the new All Star format for this season, so here's a piece from Adam Kimelman at on the newest concept to revive the game...

"A new format for this year's festivities will see the conference vs. conference approach replaced by a player draft, conducted by the All-Star players themselves, to determine the rosters for each team.

The 2011 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft will be Friday, Jan. 28, to kick off All-Star Weekend, which will be hosted for the first time by the Carolina Hurricanes.

Captains for each side will select from a pool of players chosen by a combination of fan balloting and the NHL Hockey Operations Department. The change in format is a joint effort by the League and the NHL Players' Association."

...not a big fan of gimmicks (although I am a fan of the shootout, so who knows) but the player draft should pretty intense.

...i also like that the teams will be named Wales and Campbell. Sort of doesn't make sense with players not playing for their conference anymore but still a big fan.

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1 comment:

Evan S said...

complete lunacy. Fans shouldn't vote for starters, there should be some sort of contest. The writers should pick the starters and the players. This system is terrible.