Sunday, November 14, 2010

McIlrath Suffers Knee Injury

Jess Rubenstein at The Prospect Park reports that Rangers 2010 first round pick Dylan McIlrath suffered a knee injury in the 3rd period of his Moose Jaw Warriors game against the Lethbridge Hurricanes last night.

Rubenstein adds that initial reports were not encouraging and he will undergo further testing today.

...let's hope those initial reports are wrong. If this is a serious knee injury that requires surgery it will set his development back at least a year.

...McIlrath wasn't ready to contribute to the Rangers for at least two years so the injury isn't a killer for the Blueshirts, but you have to feel for the kid.

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McPhilly said...

Good work. Bad news though. This guy is a key future player for the team. The front office has to be feeling sick right now.

LI Joe said...

hope for the best and that its a quick fix and he doesn't rush back.