Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gaborik Has a Date in Mind for Return

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes reports that Marian Gaborik, who is on the trip to Philadelphia, skated with the team for the first time since the injury.

Gaborik described his shot at 60-70 percent, although he has not taken slap shots or any contact.

Gaboirk also says he has "date in mind" for return, perhaps on next homestand but it hasn't been divulged or discussed with the doctors.

Chris Drury and Vinny Prospal also made the trip to Philly.

...despite the Rangers great play of late I am definitely looking forward to the return of the Blueshirts best player.

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Adam Brett said...

Cant wait for Gabby to be back

If Torts was smart hed keep the homegrown line as our #1 line so that the opposing team sends out their best checkers to face that line leaving Gabby to work his magic against 2nd and 3rd pair defenders

lines for when Gabby comes back


I think with the way Boyle has stepped up, he needs to be getting 2nd line center minutes, Boyle in my eyes is the ultimate team player and he just keeps on improving

we do have a lot of interchangeable parts so the 2-4 lines could look very different but with that lineup we have 4 lines that can forecheck, score and take the pressure off our D and Hank


Christian Flaim said...

I like the idea of keeping Anisimov's line as the first. whether the other team puts their best checkers against either line, there will still (hopefully) be solid scoring from both of them as we've seen Anisimov's line do, and we all know Gabby can. Hopefully the Rangers top two lines can perform, because it's been a long time since this team has had that.

I also agree with you on Boyle, he's finally showing that he ccan use his large frame and his skate training over the off-season has really paid off.

Rick said...

In a way - I would like to see the AA line as the 1st line for the time being. With Gabby ready in 7-10 days who is going to make up that line? and how effective will it be? Why subject Gabby to top line defensive pairings and top checking lines right off the bat. The AA line is playing against those players right now and are doing well. Lets keep it that way until you can formulate a true 1st line for Gabby.

-DO said...

I'm thinking of a number...

mattyboy said...

I hope Gabby coming back doesn't kill this team... As ridiculous as that sounds let's not forget that the Rangers are notorious for stepping up when their star goes down and then shitting the bed when he comes back because they all stop playing the way they were

RandomRanger said...

At the very least, you have to know he wants to be back playing by the game in Minneapolis in 2 weeks, especially since he missed his return there last year.

LI Joe said...

the team is approx .500 without gabby better tham ost expected but still not a juggarnaut

by his 2nd week back - if healthy -gabbys line is 1st line no question and other teams with home ice advantage would check us that way