Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gaborik Probably A No Go Tomorrow (Updated - Nevermind He's In)

Update, 7:46 p.m.:
Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants reports that Tortorella confirmed that Gaborik is a go for tomorrow night, however, Rozsival is out for the next 7-10 days.

Update, 1:19 p.m.:
Jesse Spector now tweets that Gaborik isn't a certainty to play tomorrow as he and Torts have yet to talk.

...i'm sorry, if Gabby says he's good to go no way is Torts holding him back for another game.

Update, 1:13 p.m.:
In other good news, Zipay also tweets that Rozsival could miss tomorrow's game meaning Matt Gilroy's return to the lineup.

Update, 1:02 p.m.:
Steve Zipay tweets that Gaborik said he is "good to go tomorrow."

...disregard the below info.

Original Post:
Andrew Gross tweets...

If Gaborik is in yellow jersey working as extra on fourth line, probably an indication about his status for tomorrow's game vs. #Sabres.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

...oh well let's target Sunday.

@thenyrangers tweets that Michal Rozsival is not on the ice.

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DT said...

zipay tweeting he's good to go...

Kevin DeLury said...

Got it. Thanks DT.

Edvin said...

Great news!

JoeR said...

I don't think Gilroy over Rozi is such good news. Rozi has been OK lately.

Kevin DeLury said...

Joe, more of a joke than anything, but I don't think we'll see any type of drop off with Gilroy in there over Rozy.

rusty said...

I'd like to see the Gabby-Stepan-Frlov line get a chance to see what happens. They looked pretty good together in preseason so I think it's worth a shot.

Random Ranger said...

Good thing Gabby is coming back, because he's got some catching up to do - Boogaard has more goals than he does :)

SaucyJ said...

Roszival has been solid. Time for Gilroy to step it up a bit.

Just in the nick of time getting Gaborik back. Boogaard can't expect to keep that 50 goal pace up! :)

Mikester said...

Rosi has been Rosi. You see the potential at times, but then he'll make a stupid turnover or have a brain fart and forget he is not a spectator. My biggest complaint is as big as he is, he just wont get physical, especially in front of the net.

Maybe Gilroy got a wake-up call and will turn it up once he comes back.

Whatever happened to Valentenko? He was a big surprise this last camp and had some grit.

LI Joe said...

really kevin not much drop off in gilroy vs rozy?

the guy - rozy - gets no respect from way too many fans. and he was playing banged up near 22 or 25 minutes a game - shoulder and hyperextended knee. so i for one hope he gets the proper rest and the 10 days gets him sufficiently healed. we need him despite the boo bords opinion.,

and i can just see the i told yuo so's if gilroy gets a goal

Rick said...

From what I seen of Valentenko-he is doing quiet well in Hartford. Playing good minutes with quality ice time to match.
Tough loss on Rozi needing some time off to heal properly.