Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rangers 3, Sabres 2, OT

The New York Rangers (8-7-1) defeated the Buffalo Sabres (5-9-3) by the score of 3-2 in overtime, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

Attendance: 17,848 (98.1% full) that was an exciting overtime. Loved the back and forth. Oh yeah and Anisimov's goal helped.

...Anisimov had quietly been struggling on the top line and it was nice to see him break out tonight.

...three out of four solid starts from Biron to start the season. Can't ask for more out of your backup goalie.

...nice return from Gaborik. His skill level is just so much better than anyone else on the ice.

...saw lots of comments the last two days wondering why Fedotenko was still on the team. Assuming I won't see those tomorrow.

...third straight game with the refs stealing a goal from the Rangers. Who's coffee did Torts spit in?

...poor Frolov. The guy has the game winner on his stick and a Buffalo defenseman is able to deflect it out of mid air into Enroth.

...i liked Gilroy's game tonight. He was tough on the puck and joined the offense when needed. Very noticeable. Should be good for his trade value.

...what? No hat trick against the Sabres again from Stepan. Heck he's begging for a secondary assist at this point.

...big fan of the lines tonight. Lots of balance.

...loved Torts' reaction to the game winner. He was fired up. As was I.

...couple of days off then Tom Renney and the Oilers are in town Sunday afternoon.

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sfalcon27 said...

well played game by the rangers overall. defense was solid, the top three lines all played well,and biron played well positionally. good for A.A to get two goals tonight, but I really wanted feds to get two. Nearly had a anurism when the goal was called. I think these refs need to lay of the drinks between periods if they call off goals 5 seconds after.

Brent said...

Did anyone else want a whistle to blow the play dead on the first Sabres goal? It looked like Biron did enough to establish control, esp with the penalty being called, and freeze the puck. When you factor in the whistle that took away Fed's goal, I would say that Biron should've gotten a whistle that much more. Or am I just being too biased as a Rangers fan?

alex said...

frolov misses every opportunity in front of the net.....this is where we miss drury

Brian said...

Why do the refs blow every call for the Rangers, its emberassing. Bill Mccreary hates the Rangers and it looks like that guy from last night feels the same way towards them. Its upsetting to watch. Watch a Penguin game it will make you sick.

Beuke23 said...

I don't think the refs hate the Rangers. I think they just flat out suck.

Frolov is a waste of space. Thank god we only have to deal with him for a year.