Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Capitals 5, Rangers 3

The New York Rangers (7-7-1) lost to the Washington Capitals (11-4-0) by the score of 5-3, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and newyorkrangers.com.

Attendance: 18,200 (100.0% full)

...that was a night of missed opportunities as the Rangers could not bang home anything. They had numerous wide open chances on the doorstep all night and either missed the net or hit the defenseman. Having said that, very entertaining game.

...where has Boogaard been hiding that shot his entire career?

...i was ready to bury Boyle in Hartford before the season started now he could be headed to the All Star game if he keeps this up.

...starting to get tired of Del Zotto's giveaways leading to opponent goals. And that was his fault not Rozsival's on the winner.

...can someone tell Dubinsky he's the league's second leading scorer and the Rangers don't need him breaking his hand in a fight.

...Sauer just gained a whole mess of respect in the locker room.

...Lundqvist is just not good against the Caps.

...Staal and Avery are still looking for their jocks after Ovechkin danced around both of them before Knuble's goal.

...hate to get on the refs again, but man that's a second straight awful game by the zebras. How does Fedotenko's goal not count? He got pushed into the crease!!!

...no points from Frolov, but I thought him and Stepan were a lot better tonight. FYI, as noted by reader Riley, Frolov has only one more goal than Boogaard. Yikes.

...back at it Thursday night against the Sabres.

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Evan S said...

At 6'8, Boogaard probably has a cannon. If he were to practice shooting more then he probably wouldn't be a bad shot.

Someone want to tell me what Sauer did? I missed most of the game.

Kevin DeLury said...

He jumped Hendricks after the Caps forward threw a dirty trip at Eminger temporarily injuring his knee.

Ryan Taussig said...

Sauer jumped all over Hendricks after he got Eminger in the knee during a collision. The hit was obviously accidental when looking at the replay, but Sauer didn't like it and he threw off the gloves. Got a double minor for roughing leading to a PP for the Caps, but it was worth it as Eminger was slow to get up.

That phantom tripping call that lead to the Caps first goal was crap. The unsportsmanlike was crap. Numerous non-calls on trips on both sides, but more in favor of the Caps.

I don't care if we lose as long as the officiating is good. These results pissed me off because the game should have been 4-3 Rangers. Lose the EN, and the first Cap PPG and give back the Fedetenko goal. Boy is he getting screwed over by the refs night in and night out.

James said...

"...Lundqvist is just not good against the Caps."

In all honesty, no goalie is good against the caps. In Henrik's defense, he almost single-handedly stole the series from the Caps in '09. I missed the game, but the highlights show he made some pretty great saves and looked pretty blameless on most of the goals.

Kevin DeLury said...

James, I've got to disagree on the Lundqvist almost stole the '09 series.

He was as bad at the end of the series as he was good at the beginning of the series.

The second goal against tonight was bad.

ry-man said...

i thought we signed staal too much money because he can contain ovechkin like players.

cb1 said...

i was watching at a bar with the sound off, but to me the fedotenko non-goal seemed like the right call. he wasn't really pushed in, and the net was off it pegs when the puck went in anyway.

the call that led to the first caps goal was lousy, and i have no idea why there was another penalty right after that.

Dave said...

Man Fedatenko almost 1-1 at 3-4 was a stinker of a miss!

alex said...

how often does frolov keep on missing the rebounds in front of the net.

Puck Central said...

Alex - pretty simple. Everytime he gets the puck he hesitates for a second b/c he wants to do a wraparound ;)

William said...

frolov wraparound. hilarious, but sadly true... He keeps geeking those shots in tight high over the cross bar or directly into the goalie's mitt at 2 mph...starting to really piss me off.

Fed's 1-1 slash 2-1, slash 1-0 rushed shot 3feet over the cross bar, was pathetic. his strong move to the net, however, was not, and certainly could've been a goal. Whoever it was - Shultz, Alzner - seemed to be the driving force behind contact with the goalies. in fact, it was mostly the caps d-man who interfered.

really thought they deserved to get at least a point in this one. bad officiating didn't help matters.

Boo's shot was incredible. upper left corner. rise at ~97 mph, im guessing. top 3 moment of the season so far

Ryan said...

WTF is up with MDZ?!?! his play this year has been appalling to say the least...

last year he had all those great lead passes up the ice setting up goals. Meanwhile the amount of giveaways courtesy of MDZ this year which have led to other team goals is ridiculous.

I dont know how you all feel but I personally think a night of two as a healthy scratch might not be a bad idea. Obviously he hasnt been lookin at the tapes of his caliber of play... Just givin my two cents

Rick said...

Actually MDZ looks better this year than last year. Last year he had the third worst +- rating in the league. While not a good stat in judging a player on a daily basis, it is a good, indicative stat for seasonal comparrisons. Being young and skilled-its going to be a work in progress to take care of his own end. He will definitely need a stay at home partner who is VG.

Chris said...

The rangers werent so-outplayed in either of the last 2 games that they 'deserved' to lose... and thus, it makes the frolov no-goal and the fedotenko no-goal that much harder to swallow.

Both of those goals, had then been allowed would have had a significant impact on the final score of the game.

the caps d-man made more contact with the goalie than fedotenko did and fedo only made contact because he was forced there by the defender.

also, @cb1... the goale is only considered to be 'off' if the net has fully dislodged from the moorings... on that goal, it had lifted up, but had not fully dislodged.

it was a good goal, that was disallowed and had a direct impact on the outcome of the game.

rusty said...

Actually they played a pretty solid game except for a few breakdowns, which you can't make against a team like like the Caps. 2nd goal- no winger gets out to thepoint after a face off win to the right point, a d to D pass to the left point and a step ti for a shot. 3rd goal - Avery and girardi looked like a cone drill for Ovechkin. 4th goal - battle for the puck behind the net , puck comes out in front to a Cap all alone.

DME said...

it was frolov's fault on the winning goal. He had it on the blueline and couldnt get it out. That set the wheels in motion.

rusty said...

You're right DME, I forgot to include the failure to clear the puck on the 4th goal as one of the breakdowns.

LI Joe said...

the no goal call was a good one. fedotenko was barely nudged and can't have guys going into goalie before puck crosses. so i for one won't cry about that one since the refs got it right