Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sather: Ranger Fans Aren't Patient

Glen Sather talks to Pierre LeBrun at about the Rangers developing talent from within...

"It really hasn't been a change from anything we've tried to do," Sather told from his team office Wednesday. "It takes time for these kids to develop. The problem with free agents is, if you don't have kids that are ready to play, you have to fill the holes with somebody. I don't think the market in New York is a place where people are patient, so you try to build from within and build from without at the same time, all the while not giving up your draft picks and not trying to restrict the development of the players."

Sather adds this on fans being impatient...

"Fans, for the most part, aren't very patient," Sather said. "But I think they can see the development we've got going on here. A lot of these guys have been drafted by us, and we're still waiting for other players to come up."

...Glen, it's been 10 years and we're still waiting for legitimate success from the Rangers under you so I'd say we're beyond patient.

Sather would be smart to check out this piece I posted a few weeks ago.

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@screaminlunatic said...

All Sather had to do for us was, in a very public way, within the past 10 years say something like "Ranger fans, we are going to need a few years, we are going to bring up kids and we promise you what you deserve" but instead he hides, hardly ever does any interviews or anything. I enjoyed when Neil was on The Fan but Sather refuses to do so. I hope Mess takes the job in a few years, he will be excellent at it. As for patience, we have tons, we just want to be acknowledged and told of a plan instead of guessing. We really have a GM who thinks he can send out a message through a 3rd party once a year, he thinks its still Edmonton and he is God, he isnt.

Anonymous said...

Sather should be publicly flogged.

Dave said...

That's a bit of a slap in the face for Ranger fans from Slats.

Paul said...

This guy is such an idiot. When he had the oilers he had no choice but to play all the "kids" and he rode those "kids" for 15 years. That was where he got his success. At this point less than 20% of his draft picks wear Ranger uniforms. Patience? Is he kidding? Every year he does the same thing. Tells the fans we are going to give the kids a shot and every year he gives out ridiculous contracts. This year is no different.

Rick said...

proof is in the pudding and I hate 10 yr old vanilla.

bklyn rich said...

I Guess 54yrs. Is Not Patient Either.

Adam Brett said...

Yes Sather should have to talk to the media way more than he has to, but you've got to give the guy credit for all the good he has done, its taken him a while to right the ship but you can see how much better off we are now, our prospect cupboards are stocked with legit talent, just look at our lineup, we have a homegrown line that is straight up dominating out there, the future of this team looks bright and i for one thinks that hes smartened up when it comes to dolling out horrible contracts to overrated overage losers

Kevin DeLury said...

Adam, I completely agree with you on the team finally heading in the right direction and we've been very PATIENT in waiting for that to happen.

John said...

I generally agree that selling off all the veterans and stockpiling youth (while enduring many losing seasons) is not feasible here. However, that is a convenient excuse for some very questionable moves that have been made over the last few years (the pricey contracts to Drury and Gomez, the Redden disaster, the acquisition of Zherdev for Tyutin etc. . .). This was also a really dumb comment to make public. I credit management for holding on the last batch of kids, like Staal, Dubinsky, Anisimov and so on, but that was the blatanly obvious decision because every team now is holding on to youth and focusing on the draft. The league is getting younger and younger, it seems, every year. I really hope JD continues to do well in St. Louis and then at some point we can get him back here as our GM. We need a first rate GM.

Paul said...

Adam and Kevin, I hope we are finally heading in the right direction but I respectfully disgaree with giving Sather credit for anything he has attempted to do over the last ten years. Here is a scary statistic. Besides Lundqvist, you know which current Ranger draft pick, who still is with the team, has played in the most games? The answer Marc Stall. Marc drafted in 2005 has played in almost 250 games. That is it. No other current Ranger drafted by the team has played in more than 250 NHL games. We do need to realize that we got very very lucky with Lundqvist. He was drafted in the 7th round 205th overall. 2000, 2001 2002, 2003 were waste drafts. 04 was calli and dubi but we also had 5 picks before dubi that were wasted. 8 picks made before calli was chosen. We have been fortunate to come up with late gems. Now I know 2nd and 3rd rounders are not late gems but they don't always work out.
Another great stat.
Most games played out of all NY Rangers drafted this century.
1. Marek Zidlicky
2. Fedor tyutin
3. Dominic Moore
4. Henrik
5. Petr Prucha

Adam Brett said...


Yes Staal has played in the most games, but look at our roster, AA, Doobie, Cally, DZ, staal, girardi, stepan, grachev, sauer all homegrown, and all impact players or soon to be impact players

we have a ridiculously young roster and as young as our D is, we havent been giving up many goals at all, and yes while hank gets a lot of the credit, our D has been improving since the first game and will only continue to get better

Dunno about you guys but i love this roster and the youngens will only get better with more experience

paul stop lookin in the past, whats done is done, the most recent drafts have been awesome for the rangers

Anonymous said...

This conversation is about Sather right? We can't erase the past if the past means mistake after mistake after mistake. He put himself in a position where has no choice but to play the kids. I am a realist and have seen what he has done with this team and hopes he does not do it again. I love the current roster and hope it stays like this. Rebuilding times and youth movements are welcomed by Ranger fans. This was always preached but never fullfilled. We as fans take pride in our team. Sather has not given us anything to be proud of. Has nothing to do with winning or losing. Has to do with playing the players who deserve it the most. I feel he has not done that over the past few years.

SaucyJ said...

Slats, say what you will about him, is partially correct. Especially in New York where you watch the Yankees win, or come close to winning every year.

For all the awful signings he's made the guy has finally gotten it right. The key for him is to just NOT SCREW IT UP. The team is arguably in the best shape it's been in since the mid 90's. The young core is looking better and better and there are some kids in the AHL who should be able to make the jump in the next year or two. If he can just hold off on making any overly aggressive trades or poor long term free agent signings the Rangers can and should become a upper echelon team for years.

The goal should just be to grown from within, make sure there is enough cap space allotted for the coming years to take care of the core and just continue to develop these guys. At this point free agent signings should be just accutrements (i.e. the Islanders with Butch Goring) and not world changers.

Kevin H. said...

Not patient?

Definition of patience: waiting 54 years for a Cup.

What a d-bag. What an insult to the fans who have filled MSG for every game that his chronically mediocre teams have played.

John said...

It is premature to say that this young core is on par with the mid-90s teams. MDZ is not yet a Leetch, and Dubinsky/Callahan are not of the quality of a Graves. We need elite talent in the system, and while very good, these guys are not yet close to the level of those key building blocks of the mid 90s.

ry-man said...

wow glen. so many bad words im thinking of right now. 10 years is a very long time. 10 years of jack shizzy isnt saying much either.

RJ said...

What a buffoon. Yeah, blame his lousy managing on the fans. Brilliant!

LI Joe said...

paul - this yrs team seems pretty yuong to me. 2nd youngest d and 9th youngest overall. even using a grachev instead of a white. but i guess you won't be satisfied until we're the youngest team in the league

bklyn and kevin ---- re the 54 yrs - most of us not alive even close to those amt of yrs. and rules were vastly dfferent in many of those yrs. like no draft, no free agency, teams having territorial rights to players

adam - due to piss poor drafting from mid 90's through 2007 especially of forwards the rangers were pretty much forced to buy free agents where 90% of them are overpaid. i hate sather as much as next guy but more because of his horrid drafting record

john - see what i wrote above - it is very much due to pathetic drafting that they overindulged in ufa mkt

paul great post at 2:15 - you nailed it

adam - well re looking in past when people criticize the ufas by name the real reason has to be stated - the bad drafting. it seems last 3 yrs have gotten a lot better. time will tell.

saucy - you do know that hartford is playing like the 1962 mets. oif the drafting last 3 yrs proves better than they will surely stay away from ufas as they did kovy already

john 4:36 AGREED

in summary fire sather due to his pathetic draft record.

Kevin DeLury said...

LI Joe, or for just TWO playoff series wins in 10 years.