Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Biron May Not Ease Lundqvist's Workload

Darren Eliot at SI.com says Martin Biron's tough outing against the Thrashers may have the Rangers leaning on Henrik Lundqvist more than they anticipated...

"With a save percentage of .921 versus Biron's early .880 mark, letting the King rest on the bench with some regularity could prove to be better in theory than practice... and practice is where Biron will likely see more of his action than anticipated."

...he has one bad game and Eliot is saying the Rangers need to jump ship on their plan to start Biron 20 games. Talk about an over-reaction. If Biron continues to struggle in his next two or three starts then I think the Rangers may have a problem. Not concerned yet.

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Chris said...

Yeah, Im not quite ready to jump-ship on him as the backup, either.

.. I mean, its not like they lost 10-2 to Dallas

Rick said...

While I am not a Biron backer, I can see that if he is matched with the right opponents and the support is given in front to hold down the SOG's and Allaire works some magic this might work. Too early in the season to worry.

rusty said...

It's funny because I had this conversation with my son on the train ride home last night. My feelings are that if the Rangers are in a dog eat dog race for a playoff spot where any one point could make the difference, Torts will ride Hank just as hard as he did last year. However, if they are in 4th place with a relatively comfortable points lead, we'll see more of Biron. Let's hope for the latter.

Gary said...

Its early in the season, and remember, Hank had a bad game too.
During the Thrashers game, he barely had any support in front of him and they were in the game at the end.
Biron is still gonna get 15-20 starts as long as he doesn't have too many of those kind of games.
Hey, he still looks better than Valiquette.

chef dave said...

With 16 games in November & a lot of back to backs, I think most of our questions about this team will be answered in the next 4 weeks.