Monday, November 8, 2010

Grachev Back to Hartford

Update, 12:43 p.m.:
Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has more from practice including new lines with Stepan and Frolov reunited.

Original Post:
Arthur Staple tweets...

#NYRangers send Evgeny Grachev back to Hartford before practice. Marian Gaborik will practice fully, but not expected to play tomorrow.less than a minute ago via web

...while Gaborik won't be playing tomorrow this move is obviously in anticipation of his return. Add in the fact that Torts only gave him four minutes last night, which really doesn't do much for his growth.

...while I'd like to see a little more offense, I actually liked what I saw in Grachev's brief appearances. Nice to see the Rangers gave him a few weeks to prove himself.

...h/t to Declan over at Puck Central for the headsup.

Staple also tweets that Boogaard wasn't on the ice this morning.

...probably had a splinter in his butt from sitting on the bench the entire third period. Owwwww.

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Chris said...

I also liked what I saw in Grachevs little time. You can see his strength on the puck.

Hes 'almost' ready... but he would be wasted up in the NHL riding the pine.

I also think that, unless they are going to give him more time, they need to send Stepan down as well. You can see that hes the kind of player who plays to the ability of his linemates. Having him saddled by 4th-liners is not doing him any good.

Frolov, Boogaard and Christensen can all use a seat in the pressbox

Jack said...

Grachev seemed to play better than I thought he would. Boogaard, who cares. MZA or Kennedy should have his spot some nights.