Monday, November 1, 2010

Rangers 3, Blackhawks 2

The New York Rangers (6-4-1) defeated the Chicago Blackhawks (7-6-1) by the score of 3-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

Attendance: 18,200 (100.0% full)

...forechecking, blocking shots, sacrificing their bodies. If the Rangers can keep this up they are going to be a hard team to beat this season. Especially at home. And their not even playing with their best player.

...and with their best player being out, the Anisimov line has been huge. Dubinsky has turned into the player we all hoped he'd be, Anisimov has developed much quicker than most thought and Callahan is playing like a Hart Trophy candidate. They are fun to watch.

...sans the Kane goal, Lundqvist is in the zone right now. And when he's on opposing team's don't have a chance.

...big goal for EC (and the Rangers) as he made himself relevent again. At least for tonight anyway.

...gritty effort by Girardi and Staal going up against the Blackhawks top line all night.

...starting to wonder if Stepan might be better off down in Hartford for a little while.

...i know it's tough to give a player with all of two NHL games under his belt important minutes, but I thought Grachev deserved more than six minutes tonight.

...poor Prust. Guy already has stitches in his eye, now he takes an elbow to his nose.

...the one guy still not going right now is Frolov. Had a nice opportunity on the door step in the second period but couldn't finish., Del Zotto up to a +6 this season.

...can't believe I'm saying this, but Eminger is starting to grow on me.

...hope Boogaard enjoyed his rest tonight, because he better be ready to pound on Carcillo or Shelley or whomever on the Flyers tries to get physical on Thursday in Philly.

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John J. Sikula III said...

great win. lundqvist gives up a bad goal every 15 games he plays. I loved the fact that the team picked him up. Just a question for all readers: what do you do when gaborik comes back? do u keep the duby-anismov-cally line #1 or move it to #2? should the rangers send Stepan dowwn when gabby comes back?

Ryan Taussig said...

I wouldn't be so quick to drop Stepan to the AHL. He's playing on an underused 4th line right now. Let's see what happens when he's put in an offensive role again.

Kevin DeLury said...

John, I think you have to keep the Anisimov line as #1 until Torts can find a pairing that clicks with Gaborik.

Ryan, i hear you but even in his limited minutes I'm just not seeing anything. Which is fine, I'm not killing the kid. He's young and may need some AHL time to gain confidence.

Remember, a few years ago the Rangers sent Callahan back down to Hartford to gain some confidence and that worked wonders for him.

Riley said...

I loved Dubinsky's diving play at the end to knock the puck out of the zone.

Rob Y said...

its still early in the season but the dubi-aa-cally line is legit, there are a number one line in the nhl and if a line like that keeps playing as well as then do then you do not touch it or reduce there minutes. its also a great thing for gabby to come back to a team with a first line like this, it takes alot off of his shoulders his first few games. if you can generate a line with gabby prospal and maybe frolov or even drury on the wing and have another line like dubi-aa-cally you would have to very threatening line combinations. i can honestly say i cant remember a rangers team that worked this hard in a long time

Jack said...

Damn I'm so pissed I missed this game. I watched the highlights...Sauer had a nice chance to score, that was cool.

Lots of big hits. But you'd barely notice — someone watch the highlights of this game and agree with me Sam Rosen is boring and behind the play.

Eminger isn't all that bad — he plays with aggression, he's noticeable.

Ok if there ARE games to to call the ape in Boogaard should dress (but not wear one).

Frolov might need several games to mesh with Gaborik...if he does that'd be a nasty duo.

Rick said...

Agree that Boogy needs to be ready for the flygirls. That line of Dubi/AA and Calli are really working hard and the effort is not going unrewarded. Great to see.
In regards to Dru coming back, I believe that Step will be sent down for readjustments and a confidence builder. Nothing wrong with that.

Gaborik will find a line and that he will score his goals regardless of who is on his line. I can see Frolov collecting on rebounds and just being in the right place at the right time.

ry-man said...

do work boys!

Dave said...

Wow, go rangers! Love this team right now and we still have some big players to return!

Re the flyers, anyone see thier game v the pens? Hartnoll hurt in the boards, shelly busted open, I think they are hurting!

AnnoyingJoe said...

I think this 1st line will work wonders for Gaborik as it will allow him to take a more relaxed approach when he returns.

Eminger has no regard for his own well being.

I don't want to get on Roszival, but he can be so lackadaisical with the puck sometimes.

IronClad said...

I'd like to see the top 2 lines stay together even after the return of Gaborik/Drury. I'm thinking:

Stepan-Drury-(Add F here)

This might actually make Torts roll 4 lines out there regularly...

AnnoyingJoe said...

Iron - where's Prust?!? If Drury returns as an effective forward, then I'd rather see Stepan go down to Hrtfrd than see Prust lose any playing time.

Prust has been one of their most tenacious and consistent forwards and has earned a regular spot and playing time on this team.

KCinMN said...

Was great to see Rangers do two things that normally happen against them - score in the final minute of a period and score immediately after the other team. Team is definitely moving in the right direction.

The negative - pinned in own zone too often and for too long at even strength.

Rick said...

Dubi/ AA/ Cally
Fro/ EC/ Gabby
Avery/ Boyle/ Feds
Prust/ Dru/ Grachev&Boggy

rusty said...

Gaborik's return should help Frolov's game as opponant's will be paying attention to Gabby giving frolov a liitle more room on the ice. He is a garbage goal around the net player so more room should improve his productivity.
What a nice dilemma to have - is Gabby's line going to be 1 or 2. Who gives a crap - the fact that they might actually have 2 lines that can score is what Ranger fans have been waiting for for a couple of years and maybe now we'll see it.
Not to mention that Boyle is playing very well giving the 3rd line a creditable scoring threat and proving 3 solid lines.

Mikester said...

Just thinking last night about all the bashing of
Cally and Dubs I read this summer on the boards. Uh-huh. Where would we be without them?

Cant wait for the Flyers game!

LI Joe said...

within a couple of games back gabby will be 1st line no matter who he is with

why are people making lines with players not back until december. makes no sense. meaning drury and or prospal