Friday, November 5, 2010

Callahan Out for Tonight (Updated)

Update, 12:38 p.m.:
According to former Ranger Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet Todd White has again been placed on waivers.

...despite being waived White can still play tonight for the injured Callahan. Looks like Grachev may be around for awhile.

Original Post:

Lundqvist in, Callahan out, Fedotenko likely for #NYRangers tonight vs. #Devils.less than a minute ago via Mobile Web

...Callahan definitely wasn't himself after the Timmonen hit last night. Let's hope it's just a one game thing.

...Gross also answers my question regarding Biron getting the start tonight.

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Jack said...

Is someone filling in for Callahan? MZA?

Section 315 said...

When i saw the replay, i thought that was one of the dirtiest hits i have ever seen. Timmonen put his stick between Callahans legs and threw him head first down into the boards. This his should be getting more attention for a suspension than Carcillo's... they should both be suspended.

Kevin DeLury said...

Jack, assuming it's White in for Cally tonight.

Sect. 315, didn't think it was that dirty. I could be wrong but I didn't sense Timonen knew how close they were to the boards.

Anonymous said...

This team does NOT need anymore injuries up front.

The hit wasn't dirty, just awkward. Timmonen isn't a dirty player.

chef dave said...

I agree that it wasn't a dirty hit. Callahan was coming in for a hit & Timmonen just sidestepped & they got tangled. These things happen sometimes. But Carcillo is a douche bag.

Jack said...

Keenen said it best between periods — to paraphrase he said when going into the corners you have to expect the unexpected.

Makes sense, Callahan always goes full tilt but sometimes you have to err on the side of caution.

alex said...

hit was extrmely dirty, equivelent to a boarding hit, he put his hand on callahans back shoeved him harder to accelerated his hit into the boards, thats why he fell head first. callahans game was off after that hit. nhl should have a look at that hit too

Kevin DeLury said...

Torts quote on Timonen hit:

“The defenseman bailed out, that’s all that was,” Tortorella said. “I think his stick got caught. He’s not that type of player but he definitely bailed out and Cally went in head first. I don’t think he meant to shove him. I think it was just a way to get out of the way.”

Andrew_794 said...

cant believe you guys arent more pissed about the hit on cally...sure timonen isnt a dirty player and probably didnt mean to hurt him, but he dodged a check and then threw callahan into the boards head first.

while unintentional, its still a dirty and dangerous play, if more players started doing that around the nhl then there would be a problem for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dirty are not, should have been two minutes.

Rick said...

agree- dirty or not the shove into the boards should have been called, any other time in open ice thats a holding call. Just another brain fart from the refs that night.

sfalcon27 said...

so its not dirty when a player grabs the back of anothers jersy and hauls them into the boards? he may not be a dirty player, but that doesnt make the play any less dirty. there should be a definite suspension on the play.