Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flyers 4, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (6-5-1) lost to the Philadelphia Flyers (8-5-1) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...really disappointed with the Rangers effort tonight. Sure the two fights were great, but the Rangers were not at all physical while the Flyers took every opportunity to take a shot at a Ranger. Legal or illegal. the refs were god awful, how was Boogaard's tap to Shelley's leg a penalty and a lunging blow to the head of Fedotenko not?

...nice to see Prust stick up for Feds, but as Mike Keenan said in the post game the Rangers were reacting all night instead of being proactive. That was the difference tonight.

...bad giveaway by Del Zotto ends up costing Rangers tonight.

...second straight game Lundqvist gives up a bad goal at a crucial time. And to make things worse it was against Zherdev.

...someone needs to put Frolov's picture on the back of a milk carton because this guy has been missing since the start of the regular season.

...offense looked eerily similar to last year's. Which isn't a good thing. Where was the forecheck tonight? I miss Blair Betts.

...Dubinsky keeps rolling along with his team leading eighth goal.

...bad game for Eminger, who, as the Rangers only physical defenseman, needed to come out taking the body and came up empty.

...despite the horrible officiating bad penalties did the Rangers in tonight. time to dwell on this one as the Rangers head to The Rock tomorrow for a date with the Devils.

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Evan S said...

I thought the effort wasn't the worst part, it was horrible officiating, who were on the Rangers all night and it was the power play. After cashing one good goal, they were ineffective all night. Thought Boogaard, Prust and Sauer were all good tonight. Liked Boogaard getting into it with Shelly and Prust standing up for his team mates, Sauer didn't let Henrik get crashed into without someone paying for it, but the non-call on Carcillo was garbage.

Brian, mineola said...

Officiating sucks, but the real key was who dictated the pace of play. The team who reacts instead of creates won't win the game, simple as that. The Rangers were the reactionaries tonight.

I love how on the Dubinsky PPG, when the flyers defense was all tired and standing still, the one flyer penalty killer that was still forcing the play and putting pressure on was Blair Betts. Seriously, we should have resigned him.

Shane said...

I miss Betts too, guys awesome all around. Rangers just aren't tough enough I don't care if Boogaard and Prust fight. Cally and Dubi are the heart of this team.

Vin said...

I thought christianson had a strong game as well as grachev and I didn't think eminger played that bad

Sfalcon27 said...

I wonder if timmonen and carcillo will actually be suspended for thier intent to injure non-calls...

Jack said...

Wow, so many levels and facets to this game.

Generally speaking everyone worked pretty damn hard.

Unless you're a totally kickass team this is where the superstar factor kicks in — Gaborik could have easily scored one or two goals or would have at least been a factor in a tide changer.

Sauer and Emmy looked good. Avery looked good.

Even if Boogy sent Shelley to the IR the only thing that matters is the score at the end of the game.

Refs were kinda whack.

I hope Carcillo gets suspended that hit will be reviewed no doubt.

Lundqvist was pretty good too. However, one goal was a weird bounce (Zherdev) and the other was PPG off a dumb call. Again, the rangers make young goalkeepers look good.

Wrap-up: Not enough shots, no mega-leadership activities.

LI Joe said...

shane - so conveniently forgetting henrik and gabby and girardi and staal

and talking about heart how about prust

chef dave said...

I'm glad it wasn't just me who saw the officiating. Plus, wtf was that call on Girardi?

KCinMN said...

Hope Cally is OK as he didn't play his usual game after going into the boards head first.

Anonymous said...

anyone thats ever watched a hockey game knows you get called for the retaliation.

with all the tough talk, the Ranger STILL played reactionary, while the FlyF*cks set the pace and tone with the physicality

the stupid boogey-shelley fight was useless. thats not the type of toughness that wins games. its exhibition boxing.

they shouldve been banging the FlyF*cks skill players all night and they didnt.

Carter, Zherdev, Giroux were running around untouched all night.

Sure you might take a few penalties playing aggressive physical hockey, but the Rangers took the penalties ANYWAY.

You have to blame Totalretard...

bklyn rich said...

I Hope Thats Not True What The Ref Said About The Hit "Next Time You Have To Duck" ?

Mattias said...

Christensen surprised me, I thought he played very good.

Also Prust's shot at the first should have gone in!

Dave said...

That's the third giveaway fom MDZ round the net that has cost us a goal :(

I know he's young, but do our coaches? He needs a little coaching on "the basics".

Prust is the man, felt sorry for Shelly, he showed he was more than a fighter with us & he's back to getting pounded on with the Flyers, Booger doesn't throw anything but bombs huh!

Eric S. said...

the tough thing is Del Zotto still has strong efforts, his passes are crisp, movement at the point is good, just needs to learn that give away is not happening again.

Eminger had a strong game at the end when we started pinching. He tried a few stick moves and drove down low

besides the penalties im sick of the rangers missing the long stretch pass. 4 or 5 times last night we had a guy streaking down the off wing and our pass missed him by 10 ft for an icing, thats huge

KD said...

Carter needs to be knocked out of the crease for screening Hank. He wasn't.

Brobovsky had only 21 saves - that's because the Flyers Defense only allowed 2 shots in the first period.

I mean, they didn't play bad, they just couldn't score and the defense was porous. Same old shizz.

Mattias said...

You know what strikes me, when they win, everyone is euphoric and everyone loves our new team.
And when they lose everyone starts comparing to last year, how they can't score, how it's the same old sh.. all over again.

losing games is part of the game. Whether we like it or not.. Don't start comparing to last year, it makes me feel bad about the team, and it shouldn't!

Anonymous said...

All fans love guys like Betts. They try hard and they sacrifice for the team. However, what all fans forget is that they are a dime a dozen. There are simply a lot of guys in the league who try hard and do the dirty work. Most Teams have a player like Betts. The rangers have a number, Callahan, Dubinsky, Boyle, Prust. A player like that is nice, but thats not what makes teams win. I cant stand when guys say, we should have resigned Betts at the cost of 1 Mil, when you can call up a player like that from hartford for less. Guys like Betts are not hard to find, and if the Flyers choose to get themselves into cap trouble, as they did this summer by signing older guys to fill those rolls then we ashould not copy them. Blair Betts has a few more years left where he will score anywhere between 10 and 20 points, and then he will go away and be forgotten. What the Rangers need is some more gaborik's and less betts's.