Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blues 2, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (7-6-1) lost to the St. Louis Blues (9-1-2) by the score of 2-0, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

MSG Attendance: 17,376 (95.5% full)

...hard work and energy can only take a team so far. Eventually you're going to need talent and man Marian Gaborik is missed in a game like tonight.

...tough to waste a game when your backup only allows one goal. One positive is Torts probably has a little more confidence in Biron going forward now.

...not sure what the Rangers do with Boogaard. No one wants to fight him, he plays less than five minutes a game and now he can't be trusted to be smart defensively (can't go for the hit with two guys deep). And to top things off he ends up taking a stupid roughing penalty later in the game.

...the only people who had worse games than Boogaard tonight were the refs. Atrocious.

...too bad Frolov's goal was disallowed, he needed that big time.

...nice to see Stepan get some time with Frolov. His talents are wasted on the fourth line with Boogaard. Also glad he's ok after hit from behind. Thought it would be worse.

...i've been negligent in pointing this out so far this season, but the Rangers are just plain awful on faceoffs. Just 16 of 54 tonight. I thought Messier was supposed to fix this. it me or does every Del Zotto shot get blocked or miss the net? Hit the damn net.

...i told you guys Halak was starting tonight. Wait that wasn't him in goal?

...not a great way to start a four game home stand. Game two is Tuesday night against Ovechkin and the Caps.

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Andy said...

2 5-Minute major power plays in the last 2 games, 0! 0! Goals, unacceptable.

John J. Sikula III said...

my history homework was more interesting then this game... except for the disallowed goal .Wheres the red flag!?!??

Vin said...

I wouldn't mind seeing grachev get more time I like what he is doing

Anonymous said...

Most boring game of the season

Evan S said...

At least the effort is still there, a problem with last year. But the time to look for more offense has probably come, although Gaborik's return is imminent. MZA should have been recalled a week ago. Wouldn't expect the lineup to change much for Tuesday, Boogaard's snarl and fighting ability is going to be needed against a Caps team that always seems like a rivalry match when they play the Rangers.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Just a few bounces away from a win.

Giving Boogaard a pass on that play...his job is to get deep and hit people.

Nice to see Stepan involved. He will be an effective player.

Frolov is playing his way to the KHL right quick

sfalcon27 said...

we definetley need some scoring outside of the dubi line. in the past few games its been them, boyle and... (someone help me out on this one)

LI Joe said...

the last game the rangers had a decent sized lead so they were willing to just let 5 minutes run off the clock

James said...

Game was pretty boring but you gotta love that the Rangers stayed in the fight with the hottest team in the league right up to the end--and without Gabby and Lundquist. This is the kind of loss you can live with. They didn't give it away.

sfalcon27 said...

also, roszival, gilroy, and MDZ for byfuglien sounds like the best trade ever right now if slats could make it happen, and then mcdougnaugh and valentenko could get play after a solid preaseason.
too bad byfuglien is a legit defenseman, and two of those three arent, so the trade would never happen.

William said...

MZA hasnt exactly been tearing up the AHL so i dont really understand the argument for his call up.. faceoffs and pp failures are unacceptable.

William said...

otherwise, i do think the team put forth a good effort. frolov's non-goal should've been a goal. no question. terrible officiating.

kc2npu said...

@james they were in to it? What game were you watching? From in the arena, it appeared that they went home and to bed in the aftermath of the 5 minute non powerplay.

On the topic of powerplays, If the nyrangers power play was a woman, the guys from the Jersey Shore would call it a grenade. It was just that ugly.

There were times that the arena was so quiet

Jack said...

Why did Boogaard dress last night? He should only be playing against East Coast rival.

rusty said...

The second I saw Boogey charge in deep for a useless hit with his 2 linemates behind the net I just knew it was trouble. He has to know that he cannot get into a position which gets 3 guys trapped in deep in a 0-0 game. He's not a rookie for heaven's sake.