Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eddie!!!, Eddie!!!, Eddie!!!

The New York Rangers (via Facebook) reminds us that on this date in Rangers history (Nov 2, 1975) Eddie Giacomin returned to MSG with the Detroit Red Wings & received one of the great standing ovations of all-time.

I don't think there has ever been another time in sports when the home crowd rooted for the opposition the way Ranger fans did that night. Amazing.

...that's a ridiculous photo.

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mikester said...

Leetcher got a pretty good one when he returned. Still saddens me that he ever donned another uniform. Should never have happened.

LI Joe said...

so did graves and messier although some diehards booed messier

i listened to the eddie game - pre cable - and wanted the wings to win that one. and a week later traded park and ratelle and the infamous joe zanussi. and sometime later traded rick middleton for hodge

Rick said...

LI Joe- Talk about some dumb trades meant to shake up the team-all it did was to put the team back in the dark ages. Carol Vadnais anyone.

chris said...

I was there with my father who had season tickets when I was a young kid. I always remembered Ed Giacomin as a Ranger with Villemure backing him up and then suddenly there he was in a Red Wings uniform -playing for the enemy.
the garden was so loud.
when I saw that he was emotional crying a bit at the chant I thought he'd rather be playing for the Rangers and I felt badly for him..... but then he won the game and I was mad and the franchise for letting him go. Then they traded Park and Ratelle and pushed Gilbert out of the way after all he gave for the team. It took a life time but 1994 finally came....

Host PPH said...

They quite light in gear back in the day probably there were a huge amount of accidents to make the difference.