Saturday, November 13, 2010

Expanded Role for Eminger Leads to Improved Play

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirt Blog has this quote from Steve Eminger on his increased minutes leading to improved play...

“What’s different is, when you play those minutes, rather than 12-13, is you’ve got to focus yourself on the bench playing less minutes,” Eminger said. “There’s times where you’re sitting there for five or six minutes and your legs are kind of seizing up on you. You’ve got to stay focused on what you’re gonna do when you get out there so you’re sharp. When you’re playing 20 minutes, you don’t really have time to think. Things are just rolling, and you get into a groove that way.”

...when I'm wrong I admit it. Eminger has been a steady presence on the blueline this season and right now it seems the rangers made the right call keeping him with the big club while sending McD and Valentenko to Hartford for more seasoning.

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