Thursday, November 11, 2010


Kevin Clark at the Wall Street Journal takes a look at the Rangers shot blocking prowess...

"This season, the Rangers have developed into a gang of kamikaze defenders who excel in blocking shots. They have done it 277 times, 26 more than anyone else in the National Hockey League. There are less painful ways of winning hockey games, but few are more effective than this."

Dan Girardi on his shot blocking technique...

"You have to get in the lane where he'll shoot it or else he'll just shoot around you,'' he said. "I make sure I know where the net is, try to be in the right spot and be already down when he's taking the shot. It is a matter of timing and positioning."

...double edge sword with all the blocked shots. Sure it's great to stop a scoring attempt, but look at the injuries the Rangers have suffered this season. These guys will be lucky if they make it to the end of the season with the way they're blocking shots.

...h/t to Puck Daddy.

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sfalcon27 said...

Wait, drurys not the only one who can get injured from shot blocks?

fleisch14 said...

while blocking shots is great, its also means the play is in our end....hold on to the puck, create more offense, and we will play in our own end less therefore have less shots to block

LI Joe said...

lots of guys league wide get hurt from blocking shots

re your attempt at humor - don't quit the day job