Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dubinsky Trade Rumor False

Lyle Richardson at The Hockey News says an internet-generated trade rumor involving Brandon Dubinsky and the Edmonton Oilers was swiftly shot down by the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson this week.

Matheson, who was responding to a reader’s email, said he was unaware of any interest by the Edmonton Oilers in Dubinsky and doesn’t believe the Rangers are shopping the young center.

Spector adds that the Drury and Prospal injuries along with Dubinsky becoming a restricted free agent next summer makes it even less likely he is moved.

...or it could be the fact that Dubinsky is tied for the league lead in goals with 10.

...i love internet rumors!!!!

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Michael Gleich said...

it's only 10 unless you know something we dont about tonight's outcome, lol.

two constants each season right now, souray to NY and Dubi to EDM will be a rumor at some point, ridiculous.

Kevin DeLury said...

Pushing the clocks back not only gave us an extra hour of sleep it apparently gave Dubinsky an extra goal as well. Thanks for the headsup.

rusty said...

Only an idiot would consider trading Duby with the way he is playing this season. We've been waiting for him to develop into the player we're seeing and with Gabby on the horizon, a team with multiple scoring threats.

Rick said...

It's not just the goal scoring that makes Dubi attractive to other clubs. He brings his lunch pale to work, he contributes at both ends, kills penalties and end of game situations as well. Not to mention he is one of your young, core leaders. I am not surprised that for the last few years, clubs have asked questions on the availability of Dubi. Glad that Slats can say no.

Ryan Taussig said...

Rusty is right. We've been a team starved of goals for much too long. Dubi is producing a large percentage of the goals we are potting (just over 25%). He's going to be an RFA, and while we may have some cap woes with resigning him, I don't see Dubi leaving NY for a very long time. I think he will have a letter on his jersey in the near future.

Kevin H. said...

To play devil's advocate, if Dubi were going to be traded, now is the time precisely to do it because he is playing so well. In fact, he is playing well above his normal production, which suggests that he will come back down to Earth soon enough. No one actually thinks that he's going to continue this pace, right? I don't. If this tear he's on enabled us to trade him for someone better who we would not usually be able to get, then it would be a smart move. I'm not saying that I know who that person is, but as with all things in life, you want to buy low and sell high.

LI Joe said...

dubinsky is still well down the list of players to get a letter. besides the 3 injured vets, he's behind cally of course, staal, and very likely girardi, rozy and boyle i believe have all worn a letter this yr

why is it so important to some for him to get a letter. so you can buy his jersey with a letter on it?

Mike said...

Joe what are you talking about Callahan and staal already are wearing A's and roszival wore an A last game so you dont know what your talkig about.

LI Joe said...

mike i was referring to someones post about dubi getting a letter soon. unless they mean soon in 2 or 3 yrs i don't see it. i listed the players above him on the pecking order. including injured guys there are 8 above him in terms of getting a letter. 3 will be gone in 2 yrs or less but that still leaves 5 ahead of him

and staal was not named permanently just while prospal is out