Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gaborik Will Be Back Thursday or Sunday

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has this quote from Marian Gaborik on when he expects to be back in the lineup...

"Yesterday was my first practice. Obviously, there were some battles. I felt it was a pretty good day. Tomorrow is going to be another day and we’ll see how it goes and we’ll go from there. I’m hopefully shooting for Thursday or Sunday.

“Everyday is harder and harder,” Gaborik added. “When I shoot, it feels good. I feel my shot is pretty good. I got into some contact and battle drills yesterday, it wasn’t too much. I need to feel comfortable enough to play.”

...get ready Ranger fans our star player is on the verge of getting back in the lineup.

As for tonight's game, Derek Boogaard, who did not practice yesterday due to illness, said he was still feeling somewhat iffy, however, he will almost certainly be in the lineup since the Rangers have no extra forwards.

...way to think ahead guys. I guess if Boogaard can't go they'll just put Gilroy on the wing.

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Andy said...

I'd like to see Gilroy on the wing, add some skill ot the line-up in a game where Boogey is probably not needed.

Jack said...

Ever since Gilroy suited up in pre-season last year I thought he should be a winger...he can handle the puck and has speed. Dustin Byfuglien play D in college I think, played forward for the Hawks and tore it up, now he's back on D killin' it.

I don't see what the big deal is moving a player up to forward.

alex said...

torts never gives gilroy a fair shot, a tree would be more productive then boogard on offense

rusty said...

I think it's easier for a guy to go from D to forward than it is to go the other way. Remember that a couple of years ago Studwick did it on many occasions.

Pete8 said...

Gilroy was always a forward. He switched to D because it was the only available position to make the squad at BU at the time. He turned into a hobey baker winner with only 4 years experience on the blueline. the kid can handle going back to forward.
I know you meant it as a joke Kevin but it actually is a pretty good idea.

Andrew_794 said...

ditto with gilroy on the wing. hes got some speed and can carry the puck well through the neutral zone...better then boogey anyways

LI Joe said...

pete- gilroy is 26 hardly a kid. he won the hobet baker as a senior approx 3 yrs older than a normal sr

i actually was hoping for him to do well sinmce i used to see his dad play bball at st john;s. but realisically he has not played to his contract.

Rick said...

Maybe switching him to wing might open his game a little to where his offensive instincts come out of semi-dormancy. Gilroy definetely needs a boost to warrant the contract that was given.
Heres hoping that Gabby is healthy enough and has his strength restored in that shoulder before hitting the ice.